Love your liver.

Chronic pain and join stiffness are related to liver health.

April 2 I am coaching a 28 Day Be Healthy Spring Detox Program.

Show your liver some love

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Imagine feeling so great, so free from pain,

that you are up and out the door doing yoga on the grass?

Let me help you eliminate your chronic pain,

depression, migraine, or whatever it is that’s keeping you on the couch,

or in bed, or feeling down cause you’re missing out on life.

7 Tips to move past pain to empowerment

Experience a holistic program that really works.

You’ve looked everywhere and nothing seems to work? What I have to offer does work!

Are you sick of feeling all achy and hanging out in your sweats, binge watching Netflix?

Are you tired of saying no, again, to an invitation for a night out on the town?

Is that headache just too much?

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These 7 strategies will help you:

  • kick your chronic pain to the curb
  • have days filled with energy and joy again.
  • create a happy healthy lifestyle.
  • get up off the couch and enjoy.
  • take control of your healing and your life.
  • learn some great tips that you can implement at anytime.
  • release stress and anxiety.
  • feel hopeful and empowered.
  • Learn exactly what I did to resolve my chronic pain and feel wonderful again.

What Others Are Saying

When I began working with Nancy I set a few goals. I had been suffering from chronic pain my entire adult life and I dreamed of riding a horse, and a bike and I wanted to be able to go off-roading with my husband on our land.  Having lived with crippling pain for so many years I felt this was impossible.  However, I was able to do all of these things thanks to working with Nancy!
— Rita
As a single parent raising 3 sons and in a high-pressure job in TV, I was tired and stressed.  Nancy is caring, knowledgeable and intuitive finding the root of your issues very quickly.  She diagnosed my digestive issues to a walnut allergy and was right on.  The nutritional supplements she recommended for my unique concerns were amazing and have given me a definite boost in energy and health.  I’m truly grateful for her caring nature and insight.
— Lorraine

You deserve to enjoy a painfree life.  

Move past your pain, stress and anxiety, improve your flexibility, find contentment and happiness.  I have a program that really works and it is simple. I can help you.

Imagine rediscovering your health, happiness and joy!

Imagine being free…

When I hit rock bottom, I was miserable, I was in pain; lost, depressed and scared.

I spent months in bed eating only smoothies, and devouring books and movies. I declined all invitations to engage and have fun. Life was passing me by.

I realized I needed to take control of my life, my health, my heart.

Now what a joy and an honour it is to help women, like you, make positive changes.

I have been helping women get off numerous medications and days of chronic pain to get up and get out there to experience a full and rewarding life.

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