Live well and prosper!

Learn the keys to prosperity.  True Health and Freedom, body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Prosperity: to flourish, to thrive, to have abundance in life.

I wasn’t always living a prosperous life and flourishing. In the past I’ve known what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the crazy supplement and diet trends out there. I’ve experienced the frustration with an out-of-control lifestyle that involves too many supplements and too many health care practitioners to keeping me going.  

Hello! I’m Nancy Crites, over the past sixteen years it has been a privilege to support people as they create vibrant health and freedom.  I understand how challenging and overwhelming it can be.  I was once dancing as fast as I could, my life was just a blur of activity and obligations, with no time for connection and grace in my life. I was lost, on the wrong track, I experienced a traumatic life event, it was pivotal. 

I was grateful to  Spring Forest Qigong and the cellular protection and nourishment from my supplementation regiment, a powerful team for renewal and healing.

I also had a community of individuals that love to be of service, who discovered the value of true health, financial freedom, and time freedom too. 

I have a life I love, and you can have a life you love too!

Over the years one of the most powerful things I have offered people is the opportunity for them to build and maintain optimal health, on all levels, and create time and financial freedom as they share the message of health and prosperity with others.  Freedom to create  life on your terms.

Team Spirit is our wellness team for Prosperity Seekers, open hearted individuals who value health and wellness. People who want to give back and be of service sharing the gift of health.

This is for you if:

  • you value wellness.
  • you enjoy helping others.
  • you want to make a positive impact in the world by sharing the message of true health.
  • you want to be of service.
  • you are wholehearted.
  • you want to increase your income.
  • you want time freedom.
  • you want to create a generous residual income.
  • you want life of meaning and purpose.

Prosperity Now!

Create a life of health and freedom, as you help others transform their lives, you create the opportunity to relax, get healthy, never worry about money again!

When you join our team, Team Spirit, you create the opportunity to build a wellness business that offers you a world class training system with a proven and respected business model. Building your business will change your life without disrupting your current life commitments, such as family, job, friends, hobbies and all the rest.

You will receive guidance and support you as you create a life that offers you flexibility, time freedom, and purpose.

This is a turnkey business opportunity, training systems, and opportunities to build your very own wellness business and achieve your health, personal, and financial goals.

Join our team and learn the keys to prosperity.  Health and Freedom, in wellness, time and finances. I will mentor you in the realms of supplementation, holistic nutrition, meditation, qigong, natural and easy weight management, there are so many options. 

 Contact me and set up your personal consultation with me to discuss creating a plan for your future.

Nancy Crites






Women who work with me say:

I am happier and healthier than I ever imagined I could be. You taught me a lot about myself that I never noticed or appreciated. The positive words you spoke will always stay with me. I am now aware and mindful of my gifts. I have new found self confidence, gratitude and if I slip I remember your loving and supportive words.  Adele

Thank you for helping me to get healthy and to find myself. I am eternally grateful.  Rita

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As I said, you may find you have reached a crossroads and feel uncertain where to go next, but I know firsthand how critical it is to tune in and hear the whispers, the whispers of your soul.  You can be whole and happy and free!  You want to be and I can help you do it. You can be free and prosper!

I have studied with leaders and masters in the realm of natural health and spiritual evolution and I have worked with hundreds of people offering them the gift of health, meaning and balance in body, mind and spirit. Learn more about me.

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Let me help you rediscover the purpose and grace in your life.

An open heart knows the way.

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