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You are unique and beautiful, you deserve a joyful, healthy and fulfilling life.

It’s time to discover what you need to live with passion and purpose.

You deserve a plan that is beautifully and artfully designed with you in mind.  A plan that is created to inspire you to achieve your goals and your dreams.

Working with deep hearted women who want to live in a way that is more than average, that is inspiring.

Let’s create a dream for you.

Ready to be inspired?

I provide nourishment and wisdom for deep hearted women who seek physical health, mental/emotional balance, and soul nourishment.

There are three key elements to this:

Physical health, mental emotional and soul nourishment. These provide space and support to discover what brings you happiness and fulfillment.

Hello, I’m Nancy Crites, holistic practitioner.  I have been helping women like you for over a decade. I was once caught up and my life was just a blur of activity and obligations, with no time for connection and grace in my life. As I hit rock bottom, I realized changes needed to be made and I made many…is it your turn?

Some women I have worked with say: 

I can’t stop smiling.  I see joy all around me.  My life is so different now, I love being the light.   Susan

I am happier and healthier than I ever imagined I could be. You taught me a lot about myself that I never noticed or appreciated. The positive words you spoke will always stay with me. I am now aware and mindful of my gifts. I have new found self confidence, gratitude and if I slip I remember your loving and supportive words.  Adele

Thank you for helping me to get healthy, change my life, and to find myself. I am eternally grateful.  Rita

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Providing nourishment for deep hearted women who want physical health, financial freedom and soul nourishment.

 Nancy Crites

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Let me help you rediscover the purpose and grace in your life.

An open heart knows the way.

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