Personalized Healing Sessions

—in person or via phone, FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom

By the way, most extended health care insurance packages cover my professional services.

Can you remember what it’s like to feel good? To jump out of bed in the morning, excited for what the day will bring, with no concern for limited mobility, pain, depression or energy? It is possible! You can regain control over your health, eliminate chronic pain, on all levels, mental emotional, spiritual and physical pain, and rediscover long-lost feelings of happiness and contentment.

As a holistic health practitioner and intuitive master healer, I help women get off their medications and heal their chronic pain so that they can experience energy and hope again. I know exactly what it feels like to be exhausted and out of control of my own health. When I hit rock bottom, I realized I needed to take control of my own wellness and now I’m helping women do the same.

With my help you can learn to reduce your stress and anxiety, eliminate foods that are causing inflammation and pain, get your energy flowing freely again, and establish new habits.

If you want my support to experience a breakthrough in your chronic pain without any more medication, please get in touch with me. You are unique, and I will design a program tailored to you so that you get the very best results. You can be pain free and happy! 

I highly recommend Nancy Crites; she is professional, knowledgeable and thorough, and she explains in detail the how and why of the protocol she recommends. —Susan P.

It has been a blessing to work with Nancy. My pain is gone and I am living a full and rewarding life. —Mary

During your personalized healing sessions, I have all of these skills at my fingertips and employ them as needed to bring about the best healing results for you:

  • Intuitive assessment, with deep listening, taking into account your body, heart, mind, and spirit
  • Holistic nutrition
  • Supplementation
  • Medical QiGong energy balancing
  • Emotional freedom technique
  • Trance state
  • Auricular medicine
  • Intuitive energy massage
  • Work with mindset, belief systems — because pain is not only in the body
  • Meditation and QiGong instruction, with access to my recorded meditations and QiGong videos

…designed for you to experience healing and find relief from chronic pain, so that you can BALANCE, HEAL, and CREATE a life of pleasure, joy, and ease.

When I came to work with Nancy I was suffering from stress to the level that my hair was falling out in large patches. Nancy was so calming from the moment I walked into her office.  She led me through how to meditate, which I could never master on my own. Nancy also helped me create a  food plan and supplement protocol.

I can say that after 5 sessions with Nancy I was opened to a new way to handle my struggles with stress. Even by the third session, my hair was growing back! I think my body’s feedback was as positive as my mind’s. I am a happier person now, my inflammation is way down, and I am able to maintain peace through life’s storms. Thank you, Nancy! —Nichole


Soul Nourishing Mentorship Program

The Soul Nourishing Mentorship Program is created with your unique needs in mind. This is your opportunity to learn and to heal, and to get on with the life you are meant to live — a life of freedom, ease, and happiness. A life finally free of pain.

Each session will honour your healing journey with deep listening, taking into account your body, heart, mind, and spirit, and providing you with the perfect next step.

Sessions occur every week or bi-weekly as required, over a 12-week period. There are ten 60-minute sessions in the mentorship program. Once you are in the program you have the option to renew.

The cost of the Mentorship Program is $1199 + GST. I presently have openings available for January 2018.

Please contact me by clicking the button below and we will set up a time to discuss your needs and see if it is a fit for us to work together.

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Soul Nourishment for Seekers

This is for the sophisticated seeker, on the path to deep and transformational healing.  Enjoy a full assessment on the nutritional, spiritual, intuitive and emotonal levels and a program will be customized to meet your needs and up level your healing and take you to a deep understanding of purpose and meaning in your life.

I am now accepting applications for this mentorship program.

Contact me to receive an application. Call 250-896-1470.



Single sessions

Individual consultations are for alumni of the mentorship program, or for those who want support from time to time when there is availability. Each session will honour your healing journey with deep listening, taking into account your body, heart, mind, and spirit. Sessions are typically 60 minutes, in person or by distance. $149 + GST

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Not sure yet?

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Group sessions available

Group or package pricing available for all services. Contact me to discuss your best option.


Nancy Crites B.Ed, R.H.N.
Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Spring Forest Qigong

Intuitive healer and spiritual mentor