Personalized Sessions

I offer individualized consultation packages to women who are desperate to eliminate their chronic pain and finally have days filled with hope and laughter.

If you want the support to experience a breakthrough in your chronic pain without any more medication, then book a Healthy You, Happy Life discovery session below.

Do you find yourself stuck at home in pain, or making yet another frustrating call to the doctor?

Do you need help with:

  • Finding a medication-free method to reduce and eliminate your chronic pain?
  • Establishing a routine that supports your health without a brace or pain medication?
  • Identifying exercises that strengthen your muscles, enabling you to improve your quality of life?
  • Moving from the restrictions of pain, anxiety, and fear from your chronic pain, to a lifestyle of happiness and freedom of movement?
  • Calming your anxious mind while connected to the inner strength that you remember having?
  • Eliminating chronic debilitating headaches?

What You Will Get

  1. 4 -12 personalized sessions with me, for support and encouragement, and a customized plan for your chronic pain management.  You are unique and I will create your program just for you.
  2. Access to my personal resources that include meditation recordings, qigong videos, and more.
  3. Empowerment with personalized tools and techniques to support you in your healing and growth.
  4. A substantial discount on pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements that will be a critical tool for you in your healing.

Packages are arranged in 4 -12 sessions depending on your interest and budget needs. Payment options are available.

Contact Me for a free ‘Healthy You, Happy Life’ Discovery session to determine what package works best for you.