It is my privilege to help people transform their wellness goals into simple easy steps that yield results and alleviate pain.

My life wasn’t a bowl of cherries — in fact it was hectic and out of control. I lived with migraine headaches, allergies, and chronic pain. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to turn for relief.

Learn a powerful technique for dealing with your chronic pain:

There are too many people in the world who rely on pharmaceuticals or over the counter drugs to deal with their pain and to feel healthy. You can feel great, be pain free and healthy from the inside out and the outside in, without drugs!

I know that you may have tried many things and may be feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of information out there. But finding relief and healing naturally can be simple.

I did it and now I wake up with joy each day! Being close to the earth, gardening and walking rejuvenate me. I love to live by the water. The ocean is my front yard and the city of gardens is my home; it called me and knew I had to answer.

I have firsthand experience dealing with pain and extensive training with masters in the field of health and healing, and I offer you my knowledge, my understanding, my compassion and my love.

I have trained with the best in the field of holistic modalities, including Holistic Nutrition, Supplementation, Homeopathy, Auricular Medicine, Biotherapeutic Drainage, Transcendental Meditation, and Spring Forest Qigong.

My Professional training began long ago . . . 

Here it is. I will lay it out plain and simple for you:

  • 1970 – Transcendental Meditation initiation — this proved central to much of what was to follow
  • 1974 – Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta
  • 2001 – Pivotal first hand experience with the power of great supplementation
  • 2003 – Registered Holistic Nutritionist designation, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition,   valedictorian with distinctive merit
  • 2004 – Biotherapeutic Drainage, Dr. D. Thom
  • 2005 – Canadian School Of Homeopathy/Seroyal International, Dr. Gerard Gueniot
  • 2006 – Auricular Medicine certification, Dr. Mikhael Adams
  • 2009 – Spring Forest Qigong, Master Chunyi Lin

You can live a life free from chronic pain!

Many Blessings,
Nancy  xo


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