Soul Nourishment Programs

Now is the Moment for you to Create a
Life in Alignment with your Passion

The intuitive guidance and the harmony of your Passion and the three keys, Body, Mind and Spirit, is the secret to success in these rich transformational programs.


Soul Purpose

A refreshing, stunningly effective roadmap for creating a life of  Purpose, Meaning and Vibrant Health, one that aligns with your values, integrity and passions.

Soul Purpose is an in-depth transformational program designed for women who have arrived at a crossroads in life, and are searching for the path to help them discover joy, meaning and vibrant health in their life.

If you are experiencing symptoms, and (yes, feeling aimless is a symptom, so is depression), you are getting the message that it is time to create change, and you need to take action now, before it’s too late.

I wasn’t listening to the symptoms when I was feeling exhausted and burnt out, and it took 3 strokes to get my attention.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Soul Purpose is an in-depth program that is completely individualized, focusing on your authentic being, we will address your symptoms, and you will feel enriched and enhanced in body, mind and spirit.  

And we will look at creating your life around your passions so you’re living a meaningful, rewarding, soulful life.

This 6-month premiere coaching program takes place over Zoom or the phone.

Learn more about Soul Purpose here.

Soul Nourishment for Rejuvenation

It’s been a long hard winter and spring, did we even have one?

It’s summer and we are tired and for good reason. But there’s no time to lose.

This 3-month program offers you a nourishing drink of the Soul Purpose Program and is designed for the woman who wants to feel more alive and energized, and she wants to live in alignment with their passion and create a joyful, rewarding life.

Learn more about Soul Nourishment for Rejuvenation here.


Holistic Solutions for Chronic Pain

Getting to the root of the problem.

Are you overwhelmed, and anxious about where to start on your pain-loss journey?

  • Are you missing out on activities you enjoy because you just don’t have the energy to get there?
  • Are your relationships impacted by your pain and exhaustion?
  • Have you tried ‘it all’, and nothing has worked?
  • Is getting up in the morning a reminder of how stiff & sore you are?

The most effective way to reduce chronic pain is not found in the medicine cabinet, but rather in the kitchen, in the mindset, and the soul.

This program is available as a 4-month individualized coaching program or as a 12-week online program.

Learn more about Chronic Pain Holistic Solutions.


Nancy Crites plays a Tibetan Singing Bowl during one of her QiGong classesNancy is unique, she approaches health and healing in a way that is unlike any other practitioner…and she delivers results. I feel better now than I did 20 years ago! Thank you, Nancy!     Penny W.


Now is the time, take action before your life slips away.

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