As valuable is our intellect is, it is when we enter the realm of the heart that the Universe can work with us more directly. When you express gratitude and appreciation for anything from the heart, it silences the worry part of our mind.

 Today’s Focused Awareness

Any time I feel concerned or upset or anything that doesn’t feel healing, I pause and take a moment to give gratitude for the good things I do have.

As I give gratitude, it feels as if energy as light is coming through and inspirations and wonderful revelations become known to me.

My gratitude opens my creativity, my intuition and my feelings. Both parts of my mind combine and I feel a union between my creativity and my reason. I sense a place higher than both these aspects. I feel the universe and all its knowledge and wisdom coming through me and with a grateful heart I see the larger picture of my life.”

May you count your blessings each and every day.

Sending you infinite blessings…

Truly Home for the Holidays

Day 9

Sheesh, this is the first year that i won’t be hosting my kids for the holiday.  That feels weird and it was kindof throwing me off my game but I know all I need to do.
Through mindfulness you go home at every moment, wherever you find yourself. Breathe, and you find yourself alive. Breathe, and you are already home, in the here and the now. That is the basic practice; and many of us have succeeded in that practice. When you have become a home for you.
~Plum Village

To be truly home all you need to do is breathe.

While doing the seasonal preparations, visiting with friends, lighting the candles, walking your dog, taking a shower,
connect to your breath, be mindful and you will feel the universal love and support that is there for you.

Present moment awareness.

Mindfulness has offered me support and guidance through my darkest hours, and provided me with the awareness that I create my own reality moment by moment.  I can choose this moment to be challenging or joyful.  I choose to create moments of pure joy. Teaching others mindfulness also is a source of great joy.

Gift idea alert!
Many beautiful books have been written by Thich Nhat Hanh, they are a wonderful addition to any library. A perfect gift!.

Spiritual Homework
Focus on your breath for fifteen minutes a day.  You may do this as a meditation practice, or while on a walk, or simply going about your business of the day.

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