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Three Ways to Create a Healthy Alkaline Body Balance

3 Causes of an Acid/Alkaline Imbalance, and

3 Simple Ways to Tip the Balance

 A healthy body needs a healthy alkaline body balance.  The ph scale runs from 1-14, with 14 being alkaline.  The perfect ph level for the body is 7.4 to 7.6, so somewhat on the alkaline side.  The human body is naturally alkaline, however most North Americans are very acidic.  The lack of a proper alkaline body state, may lead to degenerative health problems and chronic ill health.  Disease thrives in an acidic body and higher alkalinity makes it impossible for disease to survive.  For example, cancer cells cannot survive in a ph of 8.5.  

Osteoporosis may be the result of an overly acidic system.  Your body does all it can to reach state of homeostasis, perfect balance.  If the blood is acidic, it will rob calcium from the bones, as calcium is a neutralizing buffer.  

Three Causes of Acidity

1.     The Standard American Diet (SAD!)  has a huge impact on the acid alkaline balance of your body. North Americans tend to eat an excess of acid forming foods such as sugar, dairy, fried food, fast food, over cooked food, coffee, pop, canned and highly processed foods such as breakfast cereals and white bread.

2.    Smoking and excess alcohol, environmental pollutants.

3.    Stress and fatigue.

Three  Alkalizing Practices

1.  Begin your day with half of a fresh lemon (the actual fruit) squeezed into a cup of lukewarm water.  The water mustn’t be too hot or it will kill the beneficial live enzymes in the lemon juice. Just get the kettle starting to heat then pour it over the lemon juice.  (Do not microwave the water!)  Drink immediately to capture all the benefits.Wait 15-20 minutes before eating or drinking.  this acts as a mini cleanse each morning.   The lemon juice leaves an alkali ash in the system so it is very alkalizing.

2. Eat a diet of 80 percent raw, fresh fruits and  vegetables, healthy fats.

3.  Take 5 minutes (or more) to sit, relax and simply focus on the breath.


Here is naturally alkalizing recipe, especially when eaten first thing in the morning.  

Healthy Green Smoothie

Organic ingredients

1/2  banana, frozen

1 C  fresh berries

2 large kale leaves, stems removed

2 Tbsp protein powder

1 tsp Sucanat, or 1 pitted date 

1/2  C almonds

1 C filtered water

3-4 ice cubes


Combine all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth.  

Enjoy…what a wonderful start to the day!



Nancy Crites

Nancy Crites

As a holistic nutritionist, specializing in women's health, I help women suffering with pain who want to look and feel amazing from the inside out using my tested-and-true method. I'm not interested in quick fixes, the kind that only addresses the symptoms. Using an effective holistic approach I take you right to the root of your pain and create a lasting transformation. Over the past 20 years I have helped thousands of women transform their lives. Having suffered with Fibromayalgia Chronic Pain, I now live a life I love! I offer free 30 minute consultations to help individuals create the healthy body and life they have dreamed of! Contact me to talk about getting you the health and happiness you desire.

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