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4 Keys to Creating Calm and Peace in Turbulent Times

I have been thinking of you, holding space for better things to come, these 4 Keys to Creating Calm and Peace in Turbulent Times will help you navigate the shifts that are occurring right now. 

How are you doing?

This is Day 36 of my social isolation, which means I have not been in a room with another human being for 36 days.  I do enjoy early morning walks when it’s quiet out there.

This has offered me the gift of stillness and time for reflection and meditation. I have made a few observations, and I am very clear on what is important as we navigate these turbulent waters.

These are times of turbulence and the prevailing emotions seem to be fear, grief, sorrow and anxiety. These are very low vibration emotions, and they may have taken you hostage.

All emotions relate to a specific vibration.

Fear, anxiety, grief and anger are very low on the vibration scale, and they can keep you overwhelmed, frozen in place, and lower your immunity and overall health. It is very natural to react to challenging times with negative emotions, they are meant to keep you safe, in place, to protect you from predators, and in this case, it’s a pandemic.

We are not cavemen anymore, and although we are still hardwired to our reaction for fear, we can draw on some very sophisticated and wise tools to help us feel calm and balanced through anything.

Here are 4 things you can do to move into gratitude, calm and peace.

1. Tune Out, turn off the news, step away from social media, and if a friend is having a day of wild emotions, Tune In and listen and let them get it all out, you are helping your friend heal; just remember to put a smile on your face and hold compassion, love and peace in your heart and your voice. This is healing for both of you.

2. Give the emotions room to breathe. Acknowledge that you are feeling unsettled, sit down and breathe. Allow the emotions to rise up in you, name them, and allow them to expand. Breathe into it, give them lots of room to expand, to express themselves fully and to fill you up, and to overflow. Keep breathing into the emotions, allowing them the time and space needed to dissipate. You’ll find that they begin to weaken, to lose their potency. Then shine compassion, love and gratitude on these weakened emotions, give them time to work together. Sit with it, and breathe. You will feel a release, relief. Take 3 nice deep breaths and smile. This can be repeated whenever necessary.

3. Be grateful for the many gifts this crisis has given to you and our global community. Begin a Joy Journal and write down at least 10 things your grateful for every day. Soon you will have a book of Joy.

4. Stress depletes your body of nutrients and puts extra demands on your health. You need extra help at this time to build up your nutritional stores. Optimal health and immunity is the goal. I am so grateful to have peace of mind knowing I have these important nutrients in my body, especially now. Take a good quality multi-vitamin/mineral supplement every day. These are the vitamins I love.

These are the first of many tips and tools I have for you on healing the pain of anxiety and fear. I use these a lot for myself and the wonderful people I work with. I find them to be very powerful and they make it easier to ride the waves of these strange and somewhat wonderful days.

nancy on the beach

This is my birthday month, and to celebrate, I am creating a very special guided meditation, to help you navigate any and all times and situations. I’ll share it with you on my birthday. My gift to you. xo


If you are feeling the need to be heard, to have your journey witnessed, I am here to help and offer you the support and guidance you need. Reach out and I will set up an appointment time for us to meet over the phone or Zoom.

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Be safe, Be well


Nancy Crites

Nancy Crites

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