Working with texture has always appealed to me, as a young ballerina, I was intrigued with the play of light on tulle and satin ribbons.

I was born in Toronto, Ontario and raised in Alberta. I lived was located on the edge of a beautiful wild hill that provided me with hours of exploration, imagination and tactile experiences. I created sculptures and dioramas in the hills using flowers, seeds, twigs, stones and grasses. The thrill in the hunting and gathering of natural and found materials, still informs my studio

I create work that is based on memory, my lived experiences, and the various ways I see myself in the world, (real or imagined). My work is designed using simple imagery, colour and texture. 

My formal artistic practice began decades ago with my first weaving class, it opened doors to the realm of possibility, I moved beyond the traditional methods and started to incorporate a variety of different materials to enhance my expression.

I dove into the intriguing world of concept-driven exploration, weaving and creating installations using sensual materials such as my favourites tulle and ribbon, as well as shredded paper, mylar, whatever caught my eye. Each piece told a story and represented an experience or a concern.

My life has come full circle, and after spending a decade on Vancouver Island returning to the prairies I feel at home, the profound seasonal changes have reset my sense of place.

Rug hooking is my current medium of choice, it allows for the telling of stories, and revisiting my experiences. Each loop is a moment of colour and texture, filling in the details of the story.

cWorking with texture has always appealed to me and I feel immense gratitude and joy in delving into the world of rug hooking.

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