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9 Secrets to Support the Menopause Transition

For women, the most noticeable changes of ageing occur in their mid-forties and fifties.  Menopause usually begins around the age of forty-five and lasts into the early fifties. This signals the final shift and drops in estrogen levels and it can happen quickly.  Becoming aware of these future changes can help you plan to keep yourself comfortable. In this article, I will share with you 9 Secrets for An Easy Menopause.

Estrogen is the key hormone that controls a woman’s menstrual cycles, and of course her fertility.

One important change that comes with menopause is the end of a woman’s reproductive years, the ovaries have stopped releasing eggs and estrogen production declines significantly.  This leads to symptoms such as irregular and unpredictable monthly periods, and your periods will eventually stop. During the menopausal transition, it’s important to maintain some form of birth control as the production of an egg or two may still occur.

Although every woman is different, the first symptom of the start of menopause may be changes in regular menstrual cycles. 

Some are some common symptoms: 

  • Changes in regular menstrual cycles.
  • Hot flashes
  • Mood changes 
  • Dry skin
  • Poor sleep 
  • Loss of vaginal lubrication 

Becoming proactive and aware will help make the menopausal transition and symptoms easier. 

Simple lifestyle habits can make a real difference:

  • eat a diet rich in leafy greens to support liver health
  • add foods rich in phytoestrogens (like soy) to your diet.
  • reduce sugar intake
  • daily physical activity, including weight-bearing to maintain bone health.
  • breathwork and relaxation practices at night can help improve your sleep.
  • take time for yourself.
  • get out in nature.
  • limit caffeine intake to the beginning of the day so that way you won’t be wide-eyed and jittery when it is time for bed.
  • limit alcohol intake.

Investing in a good skin care regimen can help with dryness caused by menopause. Moisturizers and creams formulated for mature skin can help your body preserve moisture and brighten your complexion’s appearance. This is my favourite skincare line.

While many of these hormonal changes may seem dramatic, they won’t last forever.

Remember that menopause is a normal part of ageing. It takes about 5 years for most women to transition out of menopause and for the symptoms to end, during this time be kind to yourself and look forward to freedom in many important ways.

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Nancy Crites

Nancy Crites

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