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A Berry Good Summertime Tip


A Berry Good Tip from a Summer Lunch

Ah!  The lovely sunny summer rewards us with gorgeous gardens and bountiful salads.
My friend Cindy and I share a very nice tradition.  Once a week (when we are in the same city) we share a lunch, a walk, and plenty of deep exploration into the meaning of life.
Yesterday was a particularly memorable day.  Cindy’s gorgeous garden is ripe with the rewards of the season.  She prepared a delicious salad using fresh ingredients from her garden, with fresh berries and peppery nasturtium flowers as the highlight.
As we sat on Cindy’s deck in the sun, raving over the various delicious elements of her salad, and our lives, she shared a very good tip for storing berries using apple cider vinegar.
Berries typically don’t store well, they tend to develop mould and they shrivel up rather quickly.  After washing your berries, rinse them in a solution of 1/10 apple cider vinegar and 9/10 water, drain well and store them in the fridge.  They remain fresh much longer, and they are resistant to mould.  The vinegar acts as an anti-bacterial, antiseptic agent, a great combination for keeping berries fresh longer.
Apple cider vinegar is appreciated for its healing and nutritious properties, this adds another to its already long list of benefits.
This salad combines all of the necessary elements, healthy fats, great carbohydrates and good quality protein.
Here is the recipe for our wonderful salad, with fresh firm berries.

Cindy’s Summertime Salad

Organic ingredients
4 Nasturtium flowers
A generous amount of fresh herbs and lettuces, rinsed and dried
1 C fresh berries (we used strawberries and blueberries), washed, then rinsed in         apple cider vinegar solution and drained well
1 chicken breast, cooked and chopped
1 avocado (oops, from a garden far away) chopped
1 Tbsp good quality balsamic vinegar
5 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
pinch of salt
fresh ground pepper
* I find vinaigrettes to be a personal taste thing, adjust the proportions of balsamic and oil to suit your taste buds.
Gently combine salad ingredients together, toss with the vinaigrette, garnish with the bright nasturtium flowers and enjoy.  Serves 2.
This salad is best served on a good friend’s deck on a beautiful summer afternoon!  Deep soul searching conversation adds the extra magic ingredient to this lovely salad.


Nancy Crites

Nancy Crites

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