A Garden of Delights

It’s summertime and this past week has been a Garden of Delights.

That gave me an idea for a new weekly routine.

Let’s share the joy in the form of delights.

By honouring gratitude and living in the moment, Joy is a practice that keeps you grounded and aware of the blessings in life.

In my Rainforest Qigong group, we ‘Share a Joy’ each week, and it makes my heart glad to watch the hearts opening towards happiness and gratitude that evolves over the weeks. It has become an integral part of our spiritual practice.

To that end, this is a new weekly practice we can do together.

I will share a few delights from the week and you can share yours too.


These are a few of this week’s delights:

– A small dappled dog named Soda.

– A rainstorm with cracking thunder and brilliant lightning.

– A film called, The Beautiful Fantastic.

– Dinner with dear friends in their delightful garden.

– Great nights of deep restorative sleep.

– Daily walks by the water.

-barefoot qigong outside.

It’s your turn, share your delights in the comments below this post.  I look forward to hearing your Gardens of Delights.

Big love,

Nancy Crites

Nancy Crites

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8 thoughts on “A Garden of Delights”

    • Thank you, Susan, I miss you too! I’ve been thinking of you.
      We will be back at it by the end of the month. ;)) I am ready to but home but finding the daily delights here makes it all good.
      It will be 6 weeks! A record for me.
      Rick will be in touch this week.

  1. Spending time with my sister
    Eating local fresh strawberries
    All the beautiful flowers with the wonderful scent of roses

  2. Dinner with special friends celebrating the start of Stampede – & no rain for the day!
    Working in the garden between rain showers & enjoying the fresh air
    Enjoying the fresh fruit of the season

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