Hi, I’m Nancy Crites

For more than 18 years it has been my privilege
to help hundreds of wonderful women.

I’m a holistic nutritionist, energy healer, and transformation coach. Over the past 18 years, I have supported women who are at a crossroads in life to discover joy, meaning, and vibrant health.

Women come to me who are ready to create change, whether it be to start a new chapter in life or to release the chronic illness or pain that has been a burden, preventing then from living a full and rewarding life.  


Just in case your wondering here’s my professional training

  • 1970 – Transcendental Meditation initiation — I have practiced TM for over 40 years.
  • 1974 – Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta
  • 2001 – Pivotal first-hand experience with the power of top qualty supplementation with USANA Health Sciences
  • 2003 – Registered Holistic Nutritionist designation, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition,   valedictorian with distinctive merit
  • 2003 – Emotional Freedom Technique
  • 2004 – Biotherapeutic Drainage, Dr. D. Thom
  • 2005 – Canadian School Of Homeopathy/Seroyal International, Dr. Gerard Gueniot
  • 2006 – Auricular Therapy and Bio-Energetic Medicine certification, Dr. Mikhael Adams
  • 2009 – Spring Forest Qigong, Master Chunyi Lin
  • 2011-present – Qigong Teaching and Training



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