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How to Listen with Your Heart, and Live Your Truth

Have you ever found you’ve been running as fast as you can only to discover that you’re going in the wrong direction? That can be a bummer, but it can also be enlightening.

It’s a tip off that you need to listen with your heart!


From time to time I realize that I have been running really, really fast and I really believed it was going to be an exhilarating, liberating experience. Well, it was a successful experience or should I say experiment?

This busy-ness reminded me of who I was a few years back, of the crazy and chaotic life I used to live that led to 3 life threatening strokes, chronic pain and anxiety.


And I am really not interested in going there ever again. I learned to listen with my heart and found a better way.

How to listen to your heart

I have made major changes and choices the past few years. I have moved mountains in my life to get where I am; and I am protecting and honouring this beautiful life that I have very mindfully created.


My purpose has been to live and make choices that support health, connection, mindfulness, ease and flow. This conscious model for living has served me well. I have created rituals, been mindful, energized, positive and fulfilled for the past few years. I have consciously supported my physical health with an excellent supplement plan.. I have been living in joy. When a new opportunity presented itself late this past summer, it seemed like a good idea, so I added another element to my consciously created life.


SO before I knew it, I had begun running, yikes…why would I want to run this fast? Sheesh! When you are running you can’t hear the birds, see the beautiful sunrise and notice the subtle changes in nature. And most importantly, you cannot feel the stillness and calm or hear the whispers of your heart. I was missing the precious and simple beauty of the life I had consciously and lovingly created.

I stopped and caught my breath, stilled my mind and listened.

I had been MIA at the pool, my favourite seaside paths, my reading, my creativity and so much more. My knee, hip and lower back ached, I felt anxious, I wasn’t sleeping well, and generally I felt pretty crappy.

It was time for an alignment, to return to living in loving awareness.

Nourish body mind spiritI readjusted things I let go of that commitment, I have slowed things down and am I am able to take a nice deep breath again. I am now smiling and happy and feeling joy each and every day.

Are you ready for an alignment?


Do you feel like you’re running as fast as you can, or are walking in the wrong direction? Where do you really want to be? Are you ready to arrive?

Life can sweep us up and we can get caught in the vortex of a life that takes us out of alignment with who we are and what we need.
We are out of touch in many areas and are disconnected from passion, compassion and purpose.

Life is really about love and joy.

We do need to take care of things and keep our life in order, but the healing of body, mind and heart occur when we make conscious choices, live in  awareness of who we are and that’s when you remember, or discover your joy, why you are here in this lifetime.

That is where the healing occurs. In that place of compassion, love and acceptance.


How to listen with your heart.
Slow down and enjoy the beauty

So if you are running and want to slow down or get off the treadmill. Do you want to stop multi-tasking, running from one commitment to another?

There are ways and things you can do to make a shift and allow in some light, some sanity, some peace, some healing.



Take a deep breath, try to slow down, get quiet. Can you sit in stillness and take inventory of your life? Who you are is not about the stuff you have collected, the diversions, the commitments you have made to things that aren’t bringing you happiness, contentment or joy.


You don’t need to be loyal to the model you have created for your life. You can make improvements; begin with small things, looking at your time, adjusting your commitments. Bring in things that bring you joy, create space. Make yourself your number one responsibility.


When we live out of alignment we can feel fear, anxiety, pain and suffering.

Discomfort in your body, mind or heart is just a symptom of imbalance. The pain is tapping you on the shoulder letting you know that it is time to pay attention to your life, your emotions and thoughts.


Get in touch with the discomfort and tune into your emotions and feelings. Look with compassion, observe without judgm


What is really going on and what changes can you make to heal, and improve the quality of your life?


As you listen and make adjustments you will find that your body feel better the aches and pain diminish and may completely heal. You mind will slow down and you will find that you are more positive, happy and fulfilled.

If you can sit in stillness and listen to your heart you will find that your life begins to heal and you will experience feelings of self-compassion, happiness, contentment.

Listen to your heart
Listen to your heart

Laura, a woman in her 50’s was really suffering.

She was running extremely fast and had been for some years. She was a caring person and was a people pleaser, unable to say no.

Laura was experiencing anxiety, extreme pain in her neck and shoulder. She was worried, and fearful. Her doctor was worried about her cardiovascular health. Laura was not happy in her life. Due largely to her over commitment to meaningless obligations.

Laura was taking way to many supplements and couldn’t even remember why ~ this is very dangerous!

Her marriage was unfulfilling, she had no close friends, no connections, she was lonely. Laura was ruled by her huge list of unfulfilling commitments and work related activities. She was a compassionate woman and was dedicated to helping others but didn’t know where to stop. She had put everyone and everything else in her life first. Laura was living a life that felt empty of meaning.

Time keeps going
How to listen with your heart

Laura lived in fear of ageing and becoming gravely ill, but she was unable to slow down, to say no. She couldn’t see any other way of living or being.

We began with Laura sitting quietly and writing down 3 joys a day. This helped Laura realize how simple it can be and that joy surrounds her in every moment; if she can shift her awareness from running to being. That took some time and gentle support but she got there. Now she is delighted with the abundance of joy that surrounds her.

Addressing Laura’s fear of becoming unwell, and her chronic pain, and heart health we began a simple and effective supplement plan using the top quality Usana Health Sciences products. This gave Laura more energy and stronger immunity, reduced her pain and inflammation, as well as improving her outlook and confidence.

We then had a look at her day-timer and began to prioritize her obligations, and cleared some space for exercise and meditation..

Over time Laura was able to put herself first, to tune in to her own needs, to listen to her body, and to make the connection between her symptoms and her level of busyness.


Mindful living
Moment by moment

Laura is now living a life that brings her joy and pleasure. She enjoys volunteering, giving her time to things that are near to her heart and she shares her love and compassion for others in a way that brings her fulfillment and she has time for herself and the gifts of time.

Are you seeking a better way? Do you want to heal your body, mind and heart?Where is your pain? How are you living? Do you want more? 

There are benefits to living a life well loved. A life you consciously create.

Are you ready to slow it down? Do you want to deepen your mindfulness practice and your relationship to your heart? Do you want to heal and expand your life in a meaningful way?

 Are you curious? How good can it be, and how simple is it to get there?

Find out just how a few simple changes can create huge change. A couple of USANA Health Sciences supplements, mindfulness and BINGO!

I would love to offer you a complimentary 30 minute session to help you ground and connect to the purpose and joy of life.

How to listen with your heart.
How to listen with your heart.

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Nancy Crites

Nancy Crites

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