Best Usana Vitamins for Seasonal Allergies

Allergies can knock you down and do a number on your immune system, but rest assured, help is here.

Let’s have a look at the Best Usana Vitamins for Seasonal Allergies to keep you up and running during allergy season and all year long.

Vitamins help your body work properly. Vital for your health they help prevent disease. Vitamins build and support healthy immunity, and they keep all systems and organs working properly.

Seasonal allergies need help from vitamins, they do very well when they are supported with vitamins A, C, E, and D, and a healthy dose of anti-oxidants.


A strong immune system is the first defense against allergies, essential for allergy prevention, and a top quality, full spectrum vitamin-mineral/antioxidant supplement is the key.

If you are under attack with allergies and feeling the uncomfortable symptoms, these vitamins support the body and can offer relief during seasonal allergy cycles:

  • Vitamin C is nature’s antihistamine reducing the reaction to the histamines that trigger an allergic reaction.
  • Vitamin D has a protective role against allergic symptoms such as asthma, sinus congestion, and eczema,
  • Vitamin A, in the form of beta carotene, supports healthy skin and nasal passages that may be irritated.
  • Anti-oxidants, the superpower for allergies! Although they are not a specific vitamin, anti-oxidants are the secret weapon when it comes to inflammation and allergies.

Anti-oxidants act as a natural decongestant, reducing allergic symptoms as well as the inflammation associated with allergic symptoms.

Antioxidants also thin the annoying mucous that clog the sinuses. Personally, I find the anti-oxidants act like a decongestant and offer relief when I really need it.

Allergies aren’t limited to spring and fall, you are exposed to allergens all year long. You never know when allergies can strike. That lovely bouquet of flowers, perfumes, cigarette smoke (ugh), your sweet pet, even common house dust can trigger an allergic reaction.

Prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure and it is to best to have your defenses built when seasonal allergies hit.

Prepare yourself for seasonal allergies by taking a good multi-vitamin along with extra supercharged anti-oxidants to keep your allergies at bay so you can enjoy the spring flowers and the fall colours.

The Usana Healthpak is the ultimate solution to build your immune system and to deal with the allergic attacks.

Loaded with powerful anti-oxidants in the form of quercetin, zinc, NAC, hesperidin, rutin, CoQ10, green tea extract, curcumin, alpha lipoic acid, chromium, along with a highly charged, vitamin A, C, E, and D.

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And exclusive to the Healthpak

is the Mega Antioxidant Booster a tablet of Resveratrol, the key component to red wine, a super anti-oxidant, offering a rich source of phenolic compounds.

Resveratrol offers a premium quality anti-oxidant with benefits for the brain, bones, cardiovascular system, brain, skin and more.

The USANA HealthPak has you covered for seasonal allergies and much, much more.

As a holistic nutritionist, the USANA HealthPak is my number one choice and my daily go to.

It is super convenient and offers you optimal nutrition when you need it and where you need it.

The USANA HealthPak offers the Best Usana Vitamins for Seasonal Allergies…Period!

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USANA HealthPak

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  • The convenient vitamin packets for AM and PM usage fit in your pocket, purse, desk, car or suitcase, making it easy to be compliant and take your vitamins with you wherever in the world you may be.
  • highest quality, bioavailable nutrients
  • High quality anti-oxidant content

Usana Healthpak is the Easiest Way to Take Your Supplements… Period.

USANA HealthPak

Get started today with the super convenient USANA HealthPak! Reduce inflammation and chronic pain, build immunity and energy. Your full dose of daily supplements for only $160.95 CAD, you’re saving 10% right here!

Each packet contains the following:

  • CellSentials™: Vita-Antioxidant with InCelligence® Complex (2 tablets)
  • CellSentials: Core Minerals (2 tablets)
  • MagneCal D™ (1 tablet)
  • CellSentials Booster (1 tablet) a HealthPak exclusive!

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Nancy Crites

Nancy Crites

As a holistic nutritionist, I have found an effective and simple secret to creating vibrant health, reducing inflammation, and creating a lifelong lifestyle change. USANA Health Sciences produces supplements that can and will change your life. They saved me from the depths chronic illness. Now I live a life I love! I offer free consultations to help individuals create a healthy body and a life they love!

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