The Buddha Bowl Made Easy

One of my favourite dishes is a Buddha Bowl and I always relied on my favourite Vegan restaurant to prepare it for me, and it was perfection!  These days I’m stocking up and always have my kitchen stocked with a variety of quality ingredients. This is the perfect place to create a Buddha Bowl. I took the dive and created my very own Buddha Bowl … Read More

Decadent Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles

These truffles are the perfect quick and easy indulgence, and a favourite for special occasions, or just for a treat. No more boxed chocolates, please!

The Memory of a Perfect Summer Day, & a Recipe too

Watermelon summer fun

Do you have a favourite memory of a perfect summer day? Summer means cottages, camping, beaches, pools, campfires, and roasted marshmallows, but somehow a seemingly ‘normal’ day (is there such a thing?) created the strongest and happiest memory, and in this case a recipe. This is a memory of a perfect summer day, and a favourite recipe that came out of it too. Having my … Read More

Super simple and versatile go-to muffin recipe

Almond flour muffins

Life can and should be so easy. I am always on the lookout for a Super simple and versatile go-to muffin recipe that tastes great and is nutritious too. I found it with these gluten-free muffins. I have tried combinations of various gluten-free flours, unfortunately, they often turn out to be dry, crumbly, and not too tasty. I know that’s my opinion, but just sayin’… … Read More

My favourite go-to Salade Niçoise Recipe! (it can be Anti-inflammatory too!)

Salade Niçoise

Do you have a favourite summer recipe, one you make over and over and you definitely don’t need to look at a recipe? I’m so happy to share My favourite go-to Salade Niçoise Recipe with you.   On our recent trip to Spain, our go-to dinner was Salade Niçoise.  It kept happening.  After a busy day, when 7 o’clock (or 8 or 9) rolled around, … Read More

Rainbow Vegetable Soup Recipe

rainbow vegetable soup

This recipe is quick, easy, and very versatile.  The best soups are made with whatever you can find in your fridge and pantry. Fill your grocery basket with vegetables of all the colours of the rainbow. The wider the assortment of colourful vegetables, the greater the alkalizing and anti-inflammatory benefits you will receive! The only vegetables I NEVER include are potatoes, peppers, and tomatoes as … Read More