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Rainbow Vegetable Soup Recipe

rainbow vegetable soup

This recipe is quick, easy, and very versatile.  The best soups are made with whatever you can find in your fridge and pantry. Fill your grocery basket with vegetables of all the colours of the rainbow. The wider the assortment of colourful vegetables, the greater the alkalizing and anti-inflammatory benefits you will receive! The only vegetables I NEVER include are potatoes, peppers, and tomatoes as … Read More

Holiday Blessings and My Traditional Recipe

Traditional Oatmeal Cookies with a Twist. One of my favourite childhood memories is based on the smell of oatmeal cookies baking at my grandmother’s house, her lovely blue cookie tin, the deliciousness of the cookies, my gramma’s house and of course my gramma. I have taken the gluten free cookie recipe from my dear friend Dianne Young and adapted it to capture the taste and … Read More

A Berry Good Summertime Tip

  A Berry Good Tip from a Summer Lunch Ah!  The lovely sunny summer rewards us with gorgeous gardens and bountiful salads. My friend Cindy and I share a very nice tradition.  Once a week (when we are in the same city) we share a lunch, a walk, and plenty of deep exploration into the meaning of life. Yesterday was a particularly memorable day.  Cindy’s … Read More

Quinoa, Inca Gold

MINDFUL HEALTH Weekly Nourishment    Quinoa, Inca Gold  In keeping with the gluten-free theme from last week, I want to share some tidbits of information a wonderful food, quinoa (keenwa). Quinoa is actually the seed from a plant related to the pigweed family. Although Quinoa appears to be the latest and greatest ‘grain’ on the market, in fact it is a very ancient grain. Five … Read More