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Best Solutions for Seasonal Allergies

Allergies can knock you down and do a number on your immune system, but rest assured, help is here.   Vitamins help your body work properly. Vital for your health they help prevent disease. Vitamins build and support healthy immunity, and they keep all systems and organs working properly. Seasonal allergies need help from vitamins, they do very well when they are supported with vitamins … Read More

Usana vs Isagenix, which has the best multivitamin?

isagenix vs usana

Vibrant health starts with well-nourished cells. And there’s a reason an estimated eight out of 10 people take supplements: it’s not always easy to eat right. Like a nutritional “insurance plan,” a good daily supplement can help fill in the gaps. So, the question becomes what is a good multi-vitamin? And and I began to investigate Usana vs Isagenix, which has the best multivitamin? This … Read More

USANA’s BioMega, do you really need it?


Your body and brain need these essential healthy fats to be at their best.  With USANA’s BiOmega providing you with high-quality Omega 3’s, making it easy to get what you need.  These fatty acids work to keep you healthy from before birth through your senior years. And because your body can’t make many omega-3s on its own you really do need to supplement with it. BioMega is … Read More

Rest Reflection and Revelation

Realizing that you’ve reached the breaking point can be frightening; it can also lead to feelings of denial, or anger, helplessness or even self-pity. Admitting that the pain, fatigue or illness has brought you to your knees is a sign of strength. Allowing yourself to feel and to show your vulnerability is good, very good. Listening to what you need and asking for help when … Read More

Chronic Pain Can be Treated Naturally with 1 Simple Step

Hello, I’m Nancy Crites. I want to tell you that after years of struggling with chronic pain associated with fibromyalgia there is hope! I did it and you can too, I can show you how. My Story My Life 16 years ago My life wasn’t always a bowl of cherries — I suffered from fibromyalgia chronic fatigue and the related migraine headaches, allergies, and disabling … Read More

Balance: How I lost it, how I found it, and 3 ways you can create it for yourself

how to achieve balance to help heal chronic pain

Finding balance to heal chronic pain. When you are dealing with chronic pain, life is a balancing act. It is important that you remain “upright and steady”. Fatigue took me over This week I spent a day in bed following (for me), a few very big weeks. June has brought me a lot of joy and it has been very productive. I loved and appreciated … Read More