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How to Listen with Your Heart, and Live Your Truth

Have you ever found you’ve been running as fast as you can only to discover that you’re going in the wrong direction? That can be a bummer, but it can also be enlightening. It’s a tip off that you need to listen with your heart!   From time to time I realize that I have been running really, really fast and I really believed it … Read More

Balance: How I lost it, how I found it, and 3 ways you can create it for yourself

how to achieve balance to help heal chronic pain

Finding balance to heal chronic pain. When you are dealing with chronic pain, life is a balancing act. It is important that you remain “upright and steady”. Fatigue took me over This week I spent a day in bed following (for me), a few very big weeks. June has brought me a lot of joy and it has been very productive. I loved and appreciated … Read More

Inflammation: The Fire That Rages Inside

Nancy Crites: Download the 7 day food journal

A big buzz word in health is “inflammation.” Have you heard or seen this word used lately? The word itself means fire, with the the Latin roots meaning “set afire.” So why does a word that means fire matter to you and your chronic pain? Let me tell you by sharing my story: Inflammation once destroyed my body Years ago I felt like I had … Read More