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Choosing Joy In Challenging Times

JOY 2020 Full Moon Challenge, May 7 to June 5

Choosing Joy is one thing you can do to change how you feel, and you have the power to make a choice. We’re in uncharted waters, things seemed to change overnight, fear then hope, panic then calm, never have we experienced such roller coaster of emotions.

I have found it so much easier when I take a breath, settle in and choose to feel peace, calm, gratitude and joy.

When you are calm, you can  breathe and to choose to see this pandemic as an opportunity for growth, for deep reflection and connection.

In challenging times we experience the full range of emotions, there have been extremes in highs and lows. Like you, I have felt panic, anxiety, grief, fear and I have also felt love, joy, peace and calm. Which feels easier?

The secret is in the choices we make in every moment.

In these uncharted waters, nothing is certain, except how you choose to feel. You can be tossed around wildly with every news blast, or you can take a step back and disconnect from the panic and just be.

Mastering your emotions takes awareness, energy, commitment and a focus on the positive.

Difficult times are hard; good times are easy. That’s simple but you can feel bad in good times and good in tough times, it’s really up to you.

Being gentle with yourself, turn to self-care, self-love, make choices that spark joy. It’s easy to make positive choices when your vibration is high which it is when you are in gratitude, love and joy.

You can raise your vibration by embracing joy, joy in the simplest form, a twinkle of an eye, a phone call, or a memory. By writing down my joys I feel positive and am motivated to make it a good day, to smile to reach out to a friend for a chat, to attend to my business, to create more joy.

We are in the season of spring which is associated with happiness, as we approach summer the joy energy gets stronger, our hearts open and we move into the higher vibration. The vibrant energy that helps to heal and balance us, something we dearly need now. We are also supporting the health of our liver and heart.

I created JOY 2020 last December as an opportunity for people to tune into their hearts, and become aware of the beauty and joy that surrounds them. I quietly opened Joy 2020 to a few people, and it’s been a real pleasure and gift to see the beauty that is out there no matter what is happening in the world around us.

Joy 2020 is an oasis, it’s so lovely and it’s time for it to grow.

Joy 2020 brings such joy, it makes me smile reading what brings others joy.

Focussing on joy is a mindful practice that grounds and anchors you to positivity and all the gifts that are right there for us to discover, and it helps to heal and unite.

Joy keeps us positive and focussed on what is good and right in the world, and protects us from the damaging effects of fear, uncertainty, sadness and anxiety.

Wish to join us?

Please join us from May 7 to June 5, from the Flower Moon to the Strawberry Moon.

This is the time to plant seeds and watch them flourish over the summer.

Here’s how it works:

  • Share one thing every day that bring you joy, something simple.
  • Post it publicly on Facebook and share it in our private JOY 2020 Facebook group. Use the hashtag #joy2020 to inspire others to share in the joy.
  • If you are on Instagram share a photo and your joys with #joy2020, you can follow me on Instagram here.
  • Join JOY 2020, here

What a beautiful gift of positivity to raise the vibration and healing energy of social media and the world, just when we so desperately need it. We have the power to influence the collective consciousness, so let’s get started!

If you are feeling lost and are looking for a guide to help you discover the path to purpose, joy and better health contact me and we will have a talk.



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Nancy Crites

Nancy Crites

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