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Your Guide to Creating a Gratitude Ritual

To be balanced, healthy and happy it’s important to create quiet time for reflection and connection to Gratitude.  Use Your Guide to Creating a Gratitude Ritual to develop a beautiful daily practice.


Every emotion is associated with a vibration. Fear, anxiety, and anger are very low vibration. You feel more physical and mental/emotional pain when you are in a dark place of fear or anxiety.

You know how you feel, and the energy you give off when you are angry. It can be felt and seen by yourself and others.

But, when you see someone who is happy or joyful you can see and feel it too, and notice how good it feels to be around that high vibration.

Gratitude is a very high-level vibration and it’s a benefit to cultivate this energy.

When I was young my mother would have me count my blessings every night before going to sleep, as a form of evening prayer.

This was an excellent exercise in raising my vibration and just before sleep, Gratitude is especially powerful.

Gratitude is developing awareness, and appreciating all the wonderful things, you have, and being thankful for them.

Taking things for granted can be easy, but by looking at things with gratitude a huge shift occurs.

Have a beautiful or special notebook or journal, and a pen or coloured pencils handy.

Now I realize that it doesn’t take much to be happy and joy comes in the simple things, in unexpected moments, & often for free! Thank you, Nancy, for helping me appreciate the joy in the small things and how to live a happy life!” Wendy M.

Your Guide to Creating Gratitude Ritual


1. Focussing on gratitude.

Find a quite, pleasant and comfortable place to sit.

Focus on whatever comes up as you relax and breathe, allow yourself to go deep and quiet. Allow at least 5 minutes for this.

Now think of 3 things you are grateful for.


2. Journalling, making Gratitude tangible.

This is a powerful exercise, it takes your thoughts to a new level. 

In your Gratitude Journal, write the 3 things you are grateful for.

If you wish, sketch or embellish your gratitudes.


3. As you go about your day, become aware of all the ways you are grateful.

You will notice you are smiling more. ;))


4. Evening Gratitude

Before sleep read over your Gratitude Journal, or add to it.

Think of all the ways you are blessed and feel the gratitude in your heart.


A Gratitude Practice and Rituals raise your vibration, reverses inflammation and makes your life happier and easier ~ you’ll find your body feels better too!

When I first starting working with Nancy, I never believed that I could be this happy and feel so good in my body.

I cannot believe how wonderful my life is and how much better I feel about myself. Nancy’s loving compassionate approach helped me feel safe, confident and that I was worthy of a better life and capable of having it. This is more than I ever dreamed of! Thank you so much, Nancy.   Leah M

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