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5 Keys to Holistic Nourishment (and a Dr. Oz Video!)

5 Tips for Self Nourishment

(and a video from Dr Oz!)


When thinking of nourishment, the first thing that comes to mind is food.  When we speak of healthy nourishment, generally we would take it to mean making wise food choices in order to provide optimal nutrition to your cells.  Live, fresh, organic food and pure water feed your physical cells, as do high quality nutritional supplements.


Ideally that is what we consider when thinking about how we nourish ourselves but life is multi-faceted and it is important to look at other things we ‘ingest’ in our daily lives.

1.  You certainly consider food as central to your health and your survival.  It is one of life’s basic necessities.  But what else are you feeding yourself?  Everything we are exposed to has an impact on us physically, spiritually and emotionally.  What are you ingesting daily?

 2. Your home is your castle.  In your home, what cleaning products are you choosing to use?  What chemicals are you spraying in the air?  What type of candles are you burning?  Do you open your windows on a regular basis?  Are you living in a rural or urban setting?  What is the air quality like where you live?  What personal care products are you using? Your skin is your largest organ and products you apply to your skin reach your cells.  Parabens are one of many common preservatives found in our skin care products.  Parabens have been found in cancer tissue.  There are thousands of chemicals we are exposed to through skin care, cleaning and other products you are exposed to on a daily basis.  Read labels!

3. What is impacting your mind?  In your daily life, you are constantly bombarded with media, advertising, radio, and television?  Are you choosing to expose yourself to positive uplifting media, or are watching hours of upsetting, negative news and reality TV?  What are you reading? What are your choices of newspapers, magazines and other literature?  What are you googling on the internet?

4. What do you do for a living?  A large part of your life is spent in your working environment.  Is it something you love, is it life affirming?  Do you enjoy your work, are you helping others or the planet?  Do you feel positive and happy about your day or do you leave work drained and bored? Do you enjoy quality leisure time, spend time exercising, in nature, enjoying a hobby or past time you love? Your thoughts have the peculiar tendency of manifesting on the physical level.  Your cells are wise and they respond to your thoughts.  Be sure you are sending the right messages to your cells.

 5.  In your personal and social life, who are the people you choose to spend time with?  Do your relationships buoy you up?  Do you feel better for having spent time with your friends?  Do you build positive life affirming relationships?

How do you spend your day?

Are you going through life or growing through life?


Nourishment is complex, feed your body, mind and spirit with clean, pure, vital, life affirming thoughts, food and actions.  Everything from the air we breathe to our personal relationships, has the ability to build our cellular health or to hamper it.


When your day is done do you feel uplifted, positive and hopeful about your life and the future of our planet?   Do you bounce out of bed excited and optimistic about 24 fresh new hours to live?


I have asked a lot of questions and it is my wish to you that you spend some time taking stock of the way your life is being lived.  It simply comes down to making healthy life affirming choices that will nourish our body, mind and spirit.  Be mindful of how you spend your leisure time, the people you hang out with, the products you apply to your body, or you introduce into your home.Feed yourself with positive and empowering nutrition.


Make mindful, life affirming choices rather than mindlessly following the crowd.


As with your diet, a few simple changes can make a huge difference to how you feel, look and be in the world.  Choose to make it a healthy day, feed yourself body wisely.

Stop, breathe and look deeply at your life.  Examine closely the choices you have made.  Be sure you are providing yourself with the best nourishment possible.


When your day is done, I wish for you to feel uplifted, positive and hopeful about your life and the future of our planet!



 Wear Gloves, was designed for Dr. Oz’s Health and Happiness Summit offers easy ways to be happy, healthy and to appreciate the ample goodness in your life.


This video was created and narrated by Dr. Myron Wentz and David Wentz of USANA Health Sciences.




Dr. Oz Health Summit Video

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Nancy Crites

Nancy Crites

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