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How to Create Happiness For Yourself with Qigong

If you are wondering How to Create Happiness For Yourself with Qigong, there has never been a better time to find out.

“When I began my qigong classes with Nancy she helped me discover that there is joy all around me and it comes in smaller packages than I had thought before. Now as I have developed mindfulness, I find it’s the simple things, like a sunset, a cup of tea, a flower or a snowflake, a walk, that lift my spirits and make me smile. I realize I had been looking for happiness by buying more and more things. Now I realize that it doesn’t take much to be happy and joy comes in the simple things, in unexpected moments, & often for free! Thank you, Nancy for helping me appreciate the joy in the small things!” Wendy M.

Qigong is so much more than a weekly session or a daily practice it is the shifts and changes in how you see your world and live your life. It is about community, tapping into your inner resources and the unlimited healing energy that is available for you, LOVE.

The pursuit of happiness creates the intentional and unintentional driving force for so many of life’s decisions. These include big decisions, little decisions, and everything in between.

Learning How to Create Happiness For Yourself with Qigong will help you tap into the unlimited happiness and joy available to you.

Often people come to qigong feeling lost, overwhelmed, with a desire to slow down, take better care of themselves, to feel better, be relaxed and happier.

When we are feeling overwhelmed or distracted with our busy lives and chaotic world, time slips by unnoticed and often unappreciated. We can be caught up in our petty complaints, frustrations, and our aches and pains, Then one day you wake up and wonder “What Happened?”, or “Where am I and how did I get here?”. 

Is this really it? Yup! It sure is!

It begins with the little things that we do habitually, with the decisions we are making at every moment. Decision making happens on autopilot, with little thought or consideration for the impact it may make in the pursuit of long and short term better health or happiness.

If we are mindful and consciously creating our lives we discover that there is meaning and purpose behind every decision and this moment is creating our future.

By living intentionally you can create habits and pastimes that are meaningful and bring you happiness, health, and joy.

Another important factor is your health.

Today degenerative disease is at epidemic proportions, heart disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, celiac disease and more. Degenerative disease is caused by lifestyle choices, diet and exercise are important AND 85% of our sickness is stress related!

We are stressed, undernourished, due to processed foods, etc. and we sit on our butts far too much.

Qigong helps us to feel focussed and mindful and then we begin to make choices that serve us, our health, our happiness, and our future. We find simplicity is just fine, thank you very much and the small things, are more than enough, and slowing down offers so many benefits. Simple food, simple exercise, doing things that make you happy, and spending time with people who make you smile, are the ingredients for a happy and rewarding life.

At this yin, quiet time of year, there is a natural desire to slow down and cozy up at home. To enjoy reading a good book, revisit a hobby, make a stew, invite friends over, light a candle and just be. Simple, quiet and rejuvenating.

Reduce stress, slow down, calm your body and mind, and connect with your heart as you practice qigong and discover new ways of seeing the world. You will make choices that nurture you and make you happy. Simplicity begins to make sense and joy is found in the small things!

Join me for some qigong in January.

My brand new Rainforest Qigong 10 Week Sessions begin January 23rd, and if you aren’t in Victoria, I have had some requests for virtual qigong over Zoom.

We will be practicing a blend of Spring Forest Qigong with Tibetan Healing Bowls, and unique west coast elements. Experience the benefits of qigong moving meditations, mindful meditation, chanting, self-healing tips, and focussing on Happiness and Joy. Learn more here

“I used to believe that money could buy you happiness and I was totally focussed on my work, to get ahead. I missed precious time with my kids when they were growing up, and when I was at home I was tired and distracted. Qigong has helped me settle down and I look at my priorities. I know I can’t get the time back I missed with my kids, but I now find we enjoy our time together and it is the small things we do as a family that mean the most to me.” Jared T.

Learning How to Create Happiness For Yourself with Qigong will help you tap into the unlimited happiness and joy available to you, and it is so simple.

Make a decision to join our Rainforest Qigong community of love, support, and joy.

Learn more and register here. Reach out if you’d like to talk about private sessions, healing work or more! Contact me here.

Qigong is like medicine for your nervous system. J.L.

Nancy Crites

Nancy Crites

As a holistic nutritionist, specializing in women's health, I help women suffering with pain who want to look and feel amazing from the inside out using my tested-and-true method. I'm not interested in quick fixes, the kind that only addresses the symptoms. Using an effective holistic approach I take you right to the root of your pain and create a lasting transformation. Over the past 20 years I have helped thousands of women transform their lives. Having suffered with Fibromayalgia Chronic Pain, I now live a life I love! I offer free 30 minute consultations to help individuals create the healthy body and life they have dreamed of! Contact me to talk about getting you the health and happiness you desire.

Kick Start Your Holistic Nutrition With Nancy and Book Your Complimentary 30 Minute Session Today.

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