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True Health Consulting

 6 Month True Health Program  

This personalized program is aimed at getting down to basics and creating an effective approach to provide relief by getting to the root of your symptoms and to create vibrant health and well-being.

This in-depth highly personalized program offers profound transformation, focussing on balance and vibrant health in Body, Mind, and Spirit. This program will be designed just for you, with up close and personal guidance, addressing your main health concerns, considering dietary requirements, nutritional support, mind-body techniques, meditation, and lifestyle factors.

  • 1 – 60-minute intake consultation
  • individualized, easy to follow anti-inflammatory plan
  • recipes, guides, grocery lists designed to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • personalized supplement protocol recommendations
  • mind-body techniques and practices to ground and amplify healing.
  • Personal guided meditation and mindfulness practices.
  • ongoing private consultations
This individualized program is aimed at reducing chronic pain and inflammation, and to provide relief from on-going symptoms such as IBS, leaky gut, digestive distress, and more.

The Ultimate True Health Mentorship Program

This VIP Program is for you if you are ready to finally get real answers and results.

This exclusive healing and nourishing program is for you if you are interested in a deep dive as you connect inward and create a life you love as you discover your purpose and reverse chronic pain.

When I came to work with Nancy I was suffering from stress to the level that my hair was falling out in large patches. Nancy was so calming from the moment I met her.  She taught me to meditate, and she created a  food plan and supplement protocol, my chronic pain and bloating are gone!  Lisa

The True Health Mentorship Program is created with your unique needs in mind. This is your opportunity to learn and to heal, and to get on with the life you are meant to live — a life of freedom, ease, and happiness.

Honour your healing journey with deep listening,  and a personalized approach for the very best results in your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

This 12 month program includes ongoing sessions.

Once you are in the program you have the option to renew.

I presently have two openings available.

Please contact me by clicking the button below and we will set up a time to discuss your needs and the fine details of this exclusive program.

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Personalized Supplement Protocols.