How it Works

Your symptoms are my guide.  

By focussing on your unique needs and lifestyle, I will create an individualized plan just for you.

The Soul Nourishment approach and philosophy have been finely tuned and proven over the past 18 years, working with thousands of women who honour this precious life and want to make every day count. 

And let’s face it every day counts and there is no time to lose, now is the time to create passion, joy and vibrant health using your symptoms as a guide.  

The reason my approach is so effective is that it’s based on three key elements that work together synergistically.

Combine these three elements together and you start to notice the shifts, inner and outer, and you get real results.

Your Physical Health.

Your symptoms to tell me what you need.  Symptomology is a science.  You already know a lot, you’re bombarded with information on natural health and healing, in fact, it can be overwhelming.  Let’s take the guesswork out of it.  Focussing on your unique needs and lifestyle, I will create an individualized plan just for you.  You’ll receive clear guidance on diet, and a simple, effective supplement protocol, in conjunction with an exercise plan that works for you.  You will feel confident and relaxed as you take one graceful step at a time towards vibrant health.

Your Spiritual Health.

By creating a simple, beautiful daily practice that fits you to a tee, you will experience a deep level of relaxation and connection to yourself and to the Divine (whatever that means to you).  Guided visualization, breathing, mindful meditation, as well as Spring Forest Qigong, journalling, and walking meditation are available for you to experience and enjoy.  Your personal plan will include the perfect techniques and sacred tools to ground and rejuvenate you.

Your Mental/Emotional Health.

You are tired and overwhelmed, the journey has been long. Let’s quench your thirst. Your life is meant to be joyful, and to provide you with a deep level of satisfaction.  With gentle guidance and support, you will achieve balance, perspective and peace in all areas of your life. It’s time to discover what will really help you live with joy and passion and meaning.

By bringing all three elements together gracefully and mindfully, the path is rich and nourishing.

If this calls your name, and more importantly if you’re inspired to step up for passion, joy and vibrant health, you should have a look at the  Soul Purpose Program.

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