It’s July, and so far it has been an absolute Garden of Delights.

Summer berriesAs we continue to share the joy in the form of delights we are honouring gratitude and living in the moment.

Joy is a practice that keeps you grounded and aware of the blessings in life.

These are a few of my delights:

  • Heading to Whitehorse today to celebrate my grandson’s first birthday!
  • The Roses, the Roses, the Roses…
  • The baby fawns outside my window.
  • The beautiful summer energy, yang balanced with a bit of yin ;).
  • Fresh Berries!
  • Friends and community after being away for so long it is a real treat to reconnect.

It’s your turn, share your delights in the comments below this post.  I look forward to hearing your Gardens of Delights.

Big love, Nancy

Summer rain in Spain

Nancy Crites

Nancy Crites

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