The Buddha Bowl Made Easy

One of my favourite dishes is a Buddha Bowl and I always relied on my favourite Vegan restaurant to prepare it for me, and it was perfection!  These days I’m stocking up and always have my kitchen stocked with a variety of quality ingredients. This is the perfect place to create a Buddha Bowl. I took the dive and created my very own Buddha Bowl … Read More

Enjoy the 5 Benefits of USANA Probiotic

80% of your immune system is in your gut, and a probiotic is a key to gut health.  In this article, I will show you why you will love the 5 Benefits of USANA Probiotic.  A healthy gut is important to your overall health and immunity, and your brain loves it too! In today’s world, your gut takes a beating with sugar, alcohol, tobacco, soft … Read More

5 Keys to Creating True Health Everyday

We all have created resolutions only to have them forgotten and cast aside within a month.  Many people come to me feeling lost and frustrated because they know what they should be doing to be healthy but they don’t know how to do it or maintain it, and they need to make changes. In my role as s a holistic nutritionist, I  know the importance … Read More

Top Tips for Creating a Most Wonderful Year

NOW is the time to create new rituals and traditions that bring you joy, happiness & health for the new year and beyond. You can create and enjoy present moment awareness and knowing that there is potential for joy and healing in the now, it can be easy, these tips will teach you how. Use these tips to create new rituals and traditions that will support … Read More

A treat to warm any holi-day.

A treat to warm any holi-day. One of my favourite childhood memories is based on the smell of oatmeal cookies baking at my grandmother’s house, her lovely blue cookie tin, the deliciousness of the cookies, my gramma’s house and of course my gramma. Family traditions can trigger memories and emotions that may be pleasant or unsettling. Either way, you have an opportunity to create new traditions that … Read More

Tips for Creating a Celebration of Gratitude Over the Holidays

This is a very special holiday,  take a moment to think about your life, on this planet, in this unprecedented time. At this moment, how present are you, how grateful are you? What do you bring to your life today?   You can bring love and generosity into every facet of your life. Take a deep breath in, and now out.  Smile and nurture yourself … Read More