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Summer rain in Spain
Sometimes you just have to step back, bow out, say no, or make a different plan.
We recently went on a trip with some dear friends and it was delightful, every single moment.
I knew that in order for it to be a success I would be listening carefully to what was happening and what was best for me. With chronic pain and IBS triggers are everywhere and when I’m travelling it is even more important to be mindful.
Watch my super short video and you’ll pick up some tips to make your holiday, at home or away, a good one–

Super simple and versatile go-to muffin recipe

Almond flour muffins

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My favourite go-to Salade Niçoise Recipe! (it can be Anti-inflammatory too!)

Salade Niçoise

Do you have a favourite summer recipe, one you make over and over and you definitely don’t need to look at a recipe? I’m so happy to share My favourite go-to Salade Niçoise Recipe with you.   On our recent trip to Spain, our go-to dinner was Salade Niçoise.  It kept happening.  After a busy … Read more

Healing Your Gut to Change Your Life

The gut rules! Appreciating the value of gut health wouldn’t be complete without diving into the uber-important topic of Healing Your Gut to Change Your Life. Your gut is grand central station when it comes to your health and well-being. 85% of your immune system and 50 – 75% of the biochemicals that regulate your … Read more

USANA Celavive Day Cream Gets You Glowing 

This luscious day cream, USANA Celavive Gets You Glowing with delicious nutrition for your skin. Nature and science have gotten together to create breathtaking results. Usana Celavive’s moisturizing and nourishing day cream gets your day off to a beautiful day. Let the sun shine we’ve got you covered with SPF 30! Benefits of USANA Celavive Day Cream … Read more