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Choosing Love and Compassion

How are you doing?

These past few days have been mind-blowing honestly, a blast of information that seems unreal, and a roller coaster of emotions to go with it.

We must move into love for all mankind, for the planet, for ourselves, we are all in this together and there is a greater purpose to this, we need to trust that.

I have taken some time out, stayed in, (I choose to call it a staycation), except for walks, and experienced the full range of emotions.

I’ve gained perspective, and I realize

I do create my own reality.

We all do.

It’s time for deep self-care, compassion, and a positive, proactive approach, this keeps us feeling grounded, safe and in control of what’s happening.

And really that’s all each of us can do, control our own reality.

You know the score on all the things you need to do to protect and support yourself physically, and it’s very important to practice self-care for your inner scape, your mind and spirit too.

Be proactive by avoiding many or all public events. This gives you the gift of time which is an opportunity to create or re-ignite some balancing and healing practices, and some things you haven’t had time to enjoy.


Here are some recommendations:

  1. Embrace love. Unconditional love is the most powerful healing energy in the universe.
  2. Meditate, pray or practice qigong*. Stress affects your immune system and these practices relax and ground you, connect you to your heart, lower stress levels, your heart rate, inflammation and blood pressure.
  3. Keep a Gratitude Journal, move into a positive mindset, and a very high vibration with gratitude, write at least 3 things daily.
  4. Do something you enjoy. All the hobbies, puzzles, crafts, you haven’t had time for, now is your chance! I’m finishing a sweater I started knitting and I have a rug-hooking project I’m working on, (and I’m grateful to have a large stash of wool on hand).
  5. Connect with loved ones on the phone or Facetime.
  6. Read. Get out that book you’ve been meaning to read.
  7. Relax, listen to music or watch something uplifting on Netflix.
  8. Sleep, lots of it. Naps too.
  9. Enjoy spending time with yourself.



*If you practice qigong great! If not, here’s a simple and effective qigong bouncing exercise you can do to relax and keep your energy flowing:Stand with your feet shoulder distance apart, bend your knees a bit, raise your arms, relaxed like a rag doll, above your head, and bounce from your knees. Do this for 1-5 minutes and repeat it throughout the day.

So my friend, keep on keeping on, and may God bless and keep you and yours healthy and safe.


How can I help? These are times of uncertainty and if you need support I am here to help.


Nancy Crites

Nancy Crites

As a holistic nutritionist, specializing in women's health, I help women suffering with pain who want to look and feel amazing from the inside out using my tested-and-true method. I'm not interested in quick fixes, the kind that only addresses the symptoms. Using an effective holistic approach I take you right to the root of your pain and create a lasting transformation. Over the past 20 years I have helped thousands of women transform their lives. Having suffered with Fibromayalgia Chronic Pain, I now live a life I love! I offer free 30 minute consultations to help individuals create the healthy body and life they have dreamed of! Contact me to talk about getting you the health and happiness you desire.

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