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Qigong 5 Element Healing

Rain Forest Qigong, Five Element Emotional Healing, It’s as simple as feeling Happy.

Happiness is the positive emotion for the Wood Element. Happiness helps to balance the liver energy. 70% of the toxins in our body come out through the liver. You can detoxify your body with happiness. The Moving of Yin and Yang is the movement for Happiness.

Joy is the positive emotion associated with the Fire Element. If you have a heart problem, you will benefit from cultivating the feeling of joy. Heal your heart with joy! Breathing of the Universe is the movement for Joy.

Peacefulness and Grounded-ness are the positive emotions associated with the Earth Element. Practicing feeling peaceful and grounded can help to balance the energy in your stomach and pancreas. Bubble of Chi is the movement for Peace.

Contentment is the positive emotion associated with the Metal Element. The lungs belong to the metal. Cultivate and practice the feeling of contentment to help heal your lungs or any condition related to the lungs. It’s so simple and fun to practice positive emotions for health! Rocking side to side is the movement for Contentment.

Thankfulness and Gratitude are the positive emotions associated with the Water Element. Thankfulness and Gratitude can help to balance your kidney energy. A gratitude prayer or meditation is associated with Gratitude.

If you cannot feel the positive emotions, you can “pretend” that you feel them and you can still get the benefits. Simply say in your mind, “I feel happy,” “I feel peaceful,” or “I feel joy” and feel how the energy of positive emotion feels in your body.

Emotions are wonderful tools for transforming energy and when you understand their connections with the Five Elements wisdom, you can use the positive emotions to heal yourself faster and more completely.

My website is www.nancycrites.com. You can find lots of information on qigong and healing there and I will be creating videos to demonstrate the movements which I will share in my newsletters.

Daily practice, if even for 5 minutes will make a big difference in your health and well-being.

I offer a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation to all Rain Forest Qigong class participants, and I am available for Distance Healing Sessions or Private Sessions.

Contact Me for details and to set up an appointment.

Healing journey