Peace, Love and Healing Through Rainforest Qigong

Open your heart as you heal and connect with The Divine.

The Online Spring Session is open for registration, details are below.

Rain Forest Qigong Victoria exercises and meditation
Private healing sessions available.

You are in the right place if you’re looking for  Healing, Calm, and a Sense of Well-Being

I have been attending Nancy’s Qigong classes for a few years and each week I find peace, joy and community. My heart opens and I feel peace, and joy. Thank you! ~ Terry A

Rain Forest Qigong, Five Element Flow is a medical qigong, simple, powerful and tangible. Everyone is welcome to join us! No experience needed.

The moving meditation of qigong will incorporate the energy and flow of the seasons, & the associated system or organ, colour, food, and emotion, connect you deeply to your breath, the earth, water, heavens and the energy of the moon.
Benefits of Rain Forest Qigong:
    • Increased awareness enhancing clarity & intuition
    • Eases stress and balances emotions
    • Speeds recovery from illness and injury
    • Balances blood pressure and blood sugar
    • Strengthens bones & immune system
    • Enhances compassion, love & joy
All participants will benefit from the warm open energy of the community.
All ages and levels of experience are invited to join us for this online practice.

With balanced energy, you’ll experience optimal health, peak performance, & peace.

Registration and Class details:

  • All classes will be held over Zoom.
  • Spring Session, Wednesdays, May 13 –  July 1, 2020
  • 10:45 am ~ 8 sessions  $60.00 
  • Reserve your spot now!  

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Qigong is an ancient healing practice that creates change in body, mind, and spirit.

Smile and enjoy a qigong moving meditation, Breathing of the Universe.

Following my accident I came to Nancy’s qigong classes seeking relief for a concussion and other body aches and imbalances. I found relief and healing with qigong. Nancy is a highly skilled and grounded teacher of qigong, thank you! ~ Suzanne P.



What is QiGong?

The practice of Qigong (chee gong) has been around for 5000 years and is quickly gaining more attention in the western world due to its tremendous health and emotional benefits. Energy healing is subtle, powerful and easy to learn.

In this video, Nancy talks about some of the main elements and the amazing benefits of QiGong as part of a healing practice.

Qi refers to life force energy and Gong means to work or cultivate. QiGong works with your body’s energy to help you heal yourself, and you can heal others too!

Since literally, everything is energy, that means you are an energy being. Every cell in your body is a form of energy. Your thoughts are also a form of energy. Sickness, whether it manifests physically, mentally, or emotionally, is also a form of energy.

As Albert Einstein said, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed. In fact, energy is constantly in the process of transforming.

The only question with your body’s energy is whether it is transforming for better or for worse. Simply put, QiGong healing is accomplished by manipulating and transforming the energy that is the root cause of sickness. Qigong practice can help you transform your body’s energy for the better and even undo the “worse”.

Simple and easy to learn, this is a wonderful tool to complement any healing modality.

Anyone can learn to practice QiGong, regardless of age or ability.

Nancy demonstrates a qigong energy healing technique you can try at home:



As an energy being, your body was designed to have its energy always flowing smoothly and in perfect balance.

The energy flows through the many energy channels or meridians in the body. (Acupuncture is based on the exact same principle, but acupuncture requires the use of needles by a skilled professional.)

You can think of your body’s energy system like water flowing in a river. When the water is flowing smoothly in the river, everything is fine, everything is in balance. When something happens causing a blockage in the river, that’s when problems start.

Upstream the water overflows the river’s banks and there is flooding, while downstream the river dries up and there is drought.

Remove the blockage, and everything returns to its natural balance.

More specifically, disease or dis-ease is caused by energy blockages in the body. Usually, this means too much or too little energy in one place. Either way, your energy is out of balance, creating an energy blockage. Energy blockages are caused by many things but most commonly by toxins, nutrition, wrong medication, emotions or stress. Energy blockages cause your body’s natural healing system to break down and malfunction.

There is no such thing as “good” energy or “bad” energy. Energy is energy. Problems result only because there is too much or too little energy in one place.

Remove the blockage or blockages and restore energy balance and the disease, sickness, or other problem goes away — not just the symptoms, but the root cause of the problem is removed. That is part of what is so beautiful and powerful about QiGong, it gets at the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.

Daily practice of the Rain Forest Qigong exercises can help you remove the energy blockages in your body, restore your natural balance, and keep your energy flowing smoothly, enabling you to live the healthiest, happiest, most productive and rewarding life possible.


Enjoy the beautiful abundance and gifts of  Rainforest Qigong exercises.

Simple and easy to learn, when practiced regularly, this is a wonderful tool to complement any healing modality. Anyone can learn to do QiGong.

Tibetan Bowl Vibration Healing with Qigong

Rainforest Victoria QiGong Classes, available worldwide! 

Health and WellBeing Through Rainforest Qigong Victoria.

Are you interested in experiencing the powerful self-healing practice of Rain Forest QiGong?    Come and join our circle of open-hearted individuals as you learn to increase your vital energy and heal your body, mind, and spirit. The practice of Qigong is quickly gaining more attention in the western world due to its tremendous health and emotional benefits.

As a spiritual leader and mentor, I am honoured to share the Rain Forest Victoria Qigong exercises and meditation practice with others — near and far. In person, classes are offered in Victoria, BC, and I offer distance sessions and private healing over the phone, Facetime, Skype, or Zoom.

My sessions share the practice of Rainforest Qigong, which is a form of Medical Qigong. It consists of meditation, and Rainforest Qigong exercises designed to assist you with your health and well-being. SFQ is comprised of the 4 components mentioned above: breathing, visualization, postures/movements, and sound. Simple and easy to learn, this is a wonderful tool to complement any healing modality. Anyone can learn to practice SFQ regardless of age or ability.

Join our Qi-community and experience this wonderful healing energy. Our mission is first, to empower those interested in investing in their health and wellness, and second, to spread the Love and Joy.

You can develop your own Rainforest QiGong movement practice in weekly group sessions with Nancy, or book a personalized healing session to experience the effects of medical QiGong. Individual QiGong and healing sessions can be done in person or over Zoom, whether you live in Victoria, BC, or anywhere in the world!

I lead weekly QiGong sessions from September to June, in person or by distance. I also offer private mentorship to those seeking a deeply personal spiritual and healing experience.

Personal healing sessions in-person or worldwide, offer you individual energetic healing and balancing, along with a comprehensive nutritional plan for your well-being. Learn more. 

Please contact me for further information.  Enjoy all the benefits and experience Health and WellBeing Through Rainforest Qigong Victoria.  I would love to talk to you about your healing ability and the ways I can help you access it.