Radiant Health Resources Page

Sixteen years ago when I was suffering from chronic pain and migraines these products brought me huge relief, and changed my life.

Here are my top recommendations.

I have chosen USANA as my product partner. For the past 16 years I have trusted my health and the health of my family, friends and clients to these pharmaceutical grade products.  They work on on a deep level to nourish, protect and renew the cells. I can rely on the purity, potency and good manufacturing practices of this company.

A high quality supplement will provide you with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals and will work synergistically to help your cells reach their optimum levels of nutrition.


Below are my favourite supplements for spring and are a fundamental part of my daily optimal nutrition and radiant health. It’s about cellular health. Your thoughts, your actions, your nutrition all impact your cells. Meditation, getting out in nature and great nutrition are important creating radiant health and well-being on a cellular level.

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Cellsentials are the top rated multi-vitamin and the flagship product everyone needs.

Biomega is an Omega 3 fatty acid for supporting heart, hormones, fat metablolism, and healthy hair, skin, nails. It’s great brain and nervous system nutrition too!

Hepa Plus is a liver lover, to cleanse and support liver function and the health of this important organ. Allergies, mood, and more are a reflection of your liver’s health. Read more here.