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How to Reduce Whole Body Inflammation

Is there something you love to do, with someone you love doing it with, but your chronic pain makes it difficult, if not impossible? Or do you force yourself to do it, only to find that your pain makes it an unpleasant experience rather than a pleasant one?  Next thing you know you are avoiding socializing and turning down invitations. Learning how to How to Reduce Whole Body Inflammation is the secret.

When I was suffering from debilitating pain, I felt like I had been hit by a truck. Everything ached and even taking my dear dog Rose for a walk hurt. Whenever she tugged on the leash, I felt the pain from my fingers right to my toes on that side of my body. I returned from the walks feeling angry, exhausted, and teary. I loved my dear Rose and I wanted nothing more than to have a pleasant walk with her, enjoying the scenery and our time together. Instead, it was a battle and I felt terrible physically and emotionally when I returned home. It felt like the whole side of my body was screaming. That’s where my hip brace and thumb splint came in handy; as did the heavy-duty painkillers, muscle relaxants, and anti-depressants.

With all the braces and splints and prescription medicines, I was coping with my chronic pain the best way I knew how. But my fibromyalgia and related migraines were in full swing. The inflammation in my system was raging, I was on fire, and my immune system was triggered and firing. The thing is, I hadn’t yet learned the secret to dealing with the chronic inflammation that was causing all those symptoms.

When You are Dealing With Chronic Pain,
the Secret Lies in the Listening

I was listening to my body, but the way I was responding was only suppressing the symptoms; and, like trying to keep a beach ball underwater, it wasn’t working.

Once I learned about the natural approach to reducing chronic pain and the reasons I was experiencing it, I began to gain control.

I tuned in and listened carefully. The conversation became a good one. I responded by giving my body what it needed to reduce the inflammation and cool down the symptoms. I found that when I ate the wrong food, or I was overtired or stressed, the symptoms resurfaced and I learned to listen to that. The symptoms are gone now. The conversation is ongoing, and I am grateful that I now know how to listen and respond in a supportive healing way.

It’s a balancing act! 

Balance is about listening to the body for its signals that come via symptoms. The symptoms tell you that something is wrong and needs to be brought into balance.

Homeostasis is the state of perfect health. It occurs when you are in balance, and when your inflammation is under control.

3 Big Secrets to Reducing Whole Body Inflammation Naturally

It’s all about the choices you make. You are a multi-dimensional being here in human form, in a physical body. You can keep your body pain free by addressing all levels of your being: body, mind, and spirit.

Secret #1: Our diet is very SAD

How to Reduce Whole Body InflammationThe Standard American Diet is feeding our inflammation.

You are unique, and as you listen to your body you will learn what your body thrives on and what triggers your pain. It will become clear to you as you make changes, and watch and listen to your symptoms. You need anti-inflammatory foods. Here a few important additions you can make to your diet:



That’s right!

The good fats cool inflammation, support healthy joints, tendons, and ligaments, give your hair, skin, and nails a glow, lower cholesterol, and boost your metabolism (they even help you lose weight!).

They also support hormone health, your brain loves healthy fats (think memory, clear thinking, happy mood), and your cell membranes love them too. Think Mediterranean Diet.

Stock up on avocados, olives, olive oil, free-range eggs, fresh wild salmon, nuts, especially walnuts and seeds, nut and seed butters, butter (yes!), and lean, grass-fed beef.


How to Reduce Whole Body InflammationSupport your local farmers’ market and fill your basket with plenty of anti-inflammatory live, fresh, natural fruits and vegetables. Soups, stews, salads and more all providing you with amazing nutritional benefits.  Buy some honey too as you really deserve a little sweetness.




Eliminate hydrogenated fats, trans fats, sugar, processed foods, and tomatoes. These foods are inflammatory, get rid of them!

Remember, you are unique, and one person’s food is another person’s poison, so please listen to what your body likes.

Secret #2: Keep it Cool

How to Reduce Whole Body InflammationTHINK HAPPY THOUGHTS
Every thought you think sends a message to your cells. When you think happy, joyful thoughts, your cells are happy too and they respond by settling down and relaxing, reducing inflammation.

When you are caught up in negative thinking, in an angry, frustrated, or depressing headspace, your cells feel it too and respond by getting worked up and feeding the inflammation throughout your body. Chill-ax!

Studies have shown that stress has the power to change the way your cells behave. This has important implications for our health. Dr. Bruce Lipton, the author of The Biology of Belief, has discovered that stress impacts our cellular health negatively. Since our cells are the basis of our inflammation, it is important to control your stress.

Stress can be managed by adopting some very effective and simple practices such as simply smiling, focusing on things that you are grateful for, looking for small joys in your life, choosing to do things that you enjoy, and avoiding those activities that leave you feeling depleted or down.

Secret #3: Nourish Your Soul

How to Reduce Whole Body InflammationSpiritual Depression is real.

People with spiritual depression are off-kilter, searching for meaning, joy, and fulfillment. They may feel alienated and alone; they are uncomfortable with life and may not feel they belong. This leads to pain, deep pain. They are searching for a connection.



Connection occurs when you are in touch with your heart. Simply put a smile on your face (even if you have to fake it), and take a few breaths. This act of smiling connects you to your heart, to your spirit, and, if you believe in a higher power — well there you are.

Meditation, Qigong, spending time in nature, or simply relaxing and focussing on gratitude will help you heal.

Deb’s Story

Deb came to me suffering from painful arthritis, high blood pressure, and depression. She had tried a variety of approaches, from traditional to complementary, and had not found any relief from her chronic debilitating pain.

Her marriage, and her career, in fact, all aspects of her life were affected, and she was at the end of her rope. Deb felt overwhelmed, scared, and helpless.

Looking at her life, I saw that she was out of balance. Her calendar was full of activities that included professional and personal obligations. She had a high-pressure job, was on many committees, attended a weekly bridge club, and volunteered at her kids’ school. On top of that, she was trying to dedicate more time to friends and family and had no time for exercise.

The next step, of course, was looking at her diet. Deb lived on coffee all morning (her adrenals were screaming), grabbed something from the fast-food court at lunch, and dinner was usually something quick from a package and often microwaved, or just take-out.

Deb’s evenings were spent driving her children to lessons or games and then doing laundry, making her kids’ lunches and whew! — in a state of pain and exhaustion, she relaxed by drinking a few glasses of wine, often falling asleep on the couch.

There was no quality time for Deb, she was out of touch with who she was and had lost sight of her purpose, her hopes, and dreams.

We took action by looking at Deb’s calendar and saying no to many of the obligations she had committed to. This created some time for her to catch her breath.

By putting some very simple systems in place, including a food diary, easy meals and menu planning to balance her blood sugar and reduce inflammation, a grocery list full of anti-inflammatory foods, and a high-quality supplement regiment, Deb began to see how easy it could be to put a healthy healing meal on the table.

With her free time, Deb sat quietly and began reflecting and journaling all that she was grateful for in her life. She was reconnecting to who she was and remembering her purpose.

Deb’s blood pressure, stress levels, and immune system re-balanced. Her inflammation was greatly reduced, which led to the ease and freedom she felt in her body. Deb’s arthritis was no longer painful, and she was able to begin enjoying walking. She now enjoys a daily walk with her partner as she reflects on her abundant happy life.

Natural Relief from Chronic Pain

How to Reduce Whole Body Inflammation

As you have learned, healing your chronic pain is about the choices you make.

The big choice right now is, are you ready to eliminate your chronic pain and feel the ease and freedom and joy of living pain-free?

Deb knew she was, and she still is making choices that support her health and well-being.

Finding health is clearly about the choices you make, and there are many options for reducing inflammation. If you have severe or even moderate symptoms, you do have chronic inflammation, and it is very wise to make a plan to address and eliminate it.

Healing your chronic pain is a series of small steps and simple changes, choices that bring genuine and lasting relief.

You can reduce and even eliminate your chronic pain and heal its source using natural methods. I have shared some valuable ideas here and if you want to get serious and stop the battle with inflammation, I can help.

Together we will tailor a plan that will bring you the relief — the happiness — you have been dreaming of.

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Nancy Crites

Nancy Crites

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