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Here is a powerful and simple program that will help you get on the right track.

I am coaching this program for the 14th year, and I have seen amazing results.

I offer participants a bonus private intake call, and will create an individualized program for you. You’ll also benefit from the weekly coaching call I offer with this program.

28 Day Radiant Health Program

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Radiant Health and Happiness at all ages

Get glowing in body, mind and spirit. Enjoy more energy, better immunity, improved sleep and a clean diet. In just 28 days!

It’s not magic;

it’s simply feeling brighter and lighter and all

ready for fun in the fall.

  • You will:

  • enjoy low glycemic foods
  • be energized
  • clean up your digestion
  • kick sugar to the curb
  • support your liver health
  • control cravings, hunger and mood swings
  • love your healthy, glowing complexion
  • enjoy eating delicious smart food in restaurants
  • enjoy powerful superfood
  • eat mindfully
  • sleep like a baby

The professional coaching has been added a special bonus for YOU!

The only cost to the program is for the suggested resources.

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Spring Forest Qigong, Open Your Heart 10 week classes

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In this fall session, we will be focussing on your middle dantian, your heart.

You will experience a transformation as you begin to open your heart, and see and feel profound joy and pleasure in your life, and all around you.

Just a few minutes of QiGong begins the healing process. Your cells are amazing! They have incredible power and potential to create joy and to repair and rejuvenate. QiGong has the power to heal and eliminate the pain associated with degenerative disease.

Immerse yourself in the healing energy of Qigong in our supportive group environment.

No experience is necessary to attend. We will be using the components of Spring Forest QiGong, the breath, visualization, gentle postures/movements and sound to remove any blockages in our energetic system and balance our energy.

Thank you for all you have taught me, Nancy. You shine a bright light for all those who attend your SFQ sessions, keep up the great work! Sue

With balanced energy, and a deeper connection to your heart, you will experience your optimal health, peak performance, and peace.

Benefits include:

Open Hearted awareness
Increased awareness enhancing clarity & intuition
Eases stress and balances emotions
Speeds recovery from illness and injury
Balances blood pressure and blood sugar
Strengthens bones & immune system
Enhances compassion, love & joy

Chairs are provided, wear loose comfortable clothing.

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Wednesday, September 26 for 10 weeks
10 classes for $110

Call (250) 382-4604 or email

Monterey Centre

Thursday September 27 for 10 weeks 6:30-7:30 pm

Contact the Monterey Centre to register.