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Inflammation is a Hot Topic

Supplements that nourish, repair and renew the cell bring the free radical damage and the related inflammation to its knees. Free radical damage feeds the fire, the inflammation, so when you get a strong arsenal of anti-oxidants into the body, the cell, then the fire begins to die and eventually with the right pieces in place it is extinguished.

The Most Wonderful Gift of All!

Special Holiday Tips  Week 2   Your healthy body truly is the greatest gift of all.   Give yourself and those you love the gift that keeps on giving,  the gift of health.   Where would you be without it?  Healthy vibrant and fit is a blessing!   It truly is the greatest gift of all.     Make your health a priority. Watch the sugar, it is … Read More

What’s up with Super foods?

  Superfoods are a hot topic. On top of all the misleading food labels that read “all-natural,” “no sugar added,” or “no artificial flavors or colors,” you can now add “superfood” to your list of ambiguous nutritional claims. Sure, there really are foods that many nutritionists consider superfoods. But trust me — odds are, these foods won’t come from your nearest drive through or processed, pre-packaged food … Read More