Just What Does a Holistic Nutritionist Do?

What is a Registered Holistic Nutrition Consultant? Nancy is unique, she approaches health and healing in a way that is unlike any other practitioner…and she delivers results. I feel better now than I did 20 years ago! Thank you, Nancy!     Penny W I’m asked a lot what I do as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, or what do I do in my private practice as … Read More

Top Ten Ways To Break Your Addiction to Sugar 


A Sweet Tooth is a problem and not just because it can rot your teeth, but because it causes a great many of our common health problems. Sugar can rule your life and it will wreak havoc with your health, as well as lead to serious health issues, such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, lowered immunity, cancer, chronic pain, fatigue, hormone imbalances, sleep … Read More

Creating and Maintaining Optimal Health in Time of Stress

Please note, this article was written with the intention of being positive and the recommendations shared here are key and important each and everyday, not simply in challenging times. I have been avoiding engaging with this topic, but I feel it is important to step forward at this time, as a voice of reason, balance and support, shining light on the importance of being proactive … Read More

Balancing the Energy of Spring

Balancing the Energy of Spring Isn’t it wonderful? As we move into the full vibration of spring, can you feel the shifts bubble up inside you? The cherry blossoms and daffodils are here, as is the beautiful light and healing energy of the new season. In spring we are shifting from the inner contemplative yin energy of winter to the more vibrant active yang energy of … Read More

USANA’s BioMega, do you really need it?


Your body and brain need these essential healthy fats to be at their best.  With USANA’s BiOmega providing you with high-quality Omega 3’s, making it easy to get what you need.  These fatty acids work to keep you healthy from before birth through your senior years. And because your body can’t make many omega-3s on its own you really do need to supplement with it. BioMega is … Read More

Ten Minutes to Jump-Start Your Healing

How to Reduce Whole Body Inflammation

Considering the whole physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, component of health,  it can be overwhelming and our response to overwhelm is to do nothing because really you don’t know what to do or where to even start. As I write this I am in the process of preparing a 10 step course to transform pain. We are multi-dimensional and an imbalance on one level can lead to … Read More