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At The Heart of Gratitude, three keys to discovering the power of a gratitude practice, and why it matters.

At The Heart of Gratitude

At The Heart of Gratitude is the realization that being thankful isn’t something that is reserved for Thanksgiving. It is a highly potent approach of living every day and every moment. It raises your vibration and it keeps you living in appreciation, joy and contentment. Sometimes it can be hard to feel gratitude. You may be in pain, depressed, experiencing hormonal shifts, osteoporosis, or dealing … Read More

How to Listen with Your Heart, and Live Your Truth

Have you ever found you’ve been running as fast as you can only to discover that you’re going in the wrong direction? That can be a bummer, but it can also be enlightening. It’s a tip off that you need to listen with your heart!   From time to time I realize that I have been running really, really fast and I really believed it … Read More

Heart is Where the Home Is

Heart is Where the Home Is   All you need is love, and it begins at home, your home, your heart.   Valentine’s Day is the day of love.  It is the special day when you buy Valentine cards, flowers and chocolates for those you love. Will You be Your Valentine?  This Valentine’s Day give from the heart.   Give a whole lotta love to the … Read More