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Creating and Maintaining Optimal Health in Time of Stress

Please note, this article was written with the intention of being positive and the recommendations shared here are key and important each and everyday, not simply in challenging times. I have been avoiding engaging with this topic, but I feel it is important to step forward at this time, as a voice of reason, balance and support, shining light on the importance of being proactive … Read More

5 Keys to Holistic Nourishment (and a Dr. Oz Video!)

5 Tips for Self Nourishment (and a video from Dr Oz!)   When thinking of nourishment, the first thing that comes to mind is food.  When we speak of healthy nourishment, generally we would take it to mean making wise food choices in order to provide optimal nutrition to your cells.  Live, fresh, organic food and pure water feed your physical cells, as do high … Read More