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My favourite go-to Salade Niçoise Recipe! (it can be Anti-inflammatory too!)

Salade Niçoise

Do you have a favourite summer recipe, one you make over and over and you definitely don’t need to look at a recipe? I’m so happy to share My favourite go-to Salade Niçoise Recipe with you.   On our recent trip to Spain, our go-to dinner was Salade Niçoise.  It kept happening.  After a busy day, when 7 o’clock (or 8 or 9) rolled around, … Read More

Quinoa, Inca Gold

MINDFUL HEALTH Weekly Nourishment    Quinoa, Inca Gold  In keeping with the gluten-free theme from last week, I want to share some tidbits of information a wonderful food, quinoa (keenwa). Quinoa is actually the seed from a plant related to the pigweed family. Although Quinoa appears to be the latest and greatest ‘grain’ on the market, in fact it is a very ancient grain. Five … Read More