I am so honoured and happy to support people through their healing journeys, and I can say that you are unique, and your journey will be too.

Here’s what my clients are saying about our work together.

When I first starting working with Nancy, I never believed that I could be this happy and feel so energized. I cannot believe how wonderful my life is and how much better I feel about myself.

Nancy’s loving compassionate approach helped me feel safe, confident and that I was worthy of a better life and capable of having it. This is more than I ever dreamed of! Thank you so much Nancy.

Nancy guided me to true wellness with my personalized meal plan, nutritional counselling and top-quality supplements, all combined with compassionate emotional and spiritual support. Her holistic approach taught me how to achieve greater physical and mental health. The tools she gave me have continued to sustain me for many years. If you are feeling hopelessness and pain, consider reaching out to Nancy.  Gail L.


This spiritual homework on gratitute has brought me more joy than I could have imagined! Thank you Nancy!   Reneé


Nancy, how many ways can I say thank you? I have been looking everywhere for you! My life has transformed!  I then went deeper with Nancy, her simple suggestions changed my life. I am feeling SO much better! And I can do it myself now! Yay!  Melanie


Nancy is unique, she approaches health and healing in a way that is unlike any other practitioner…and she delivers results. I feel better now than I did 20 years ago! Thank you Nancy!     Penny W.


Nancy is a highly skilled teacher, mentor, and guide who helped me in my personal quest for living a life free from chronic pain, and feeling happy and strong. Ada


Nancy is AMAZING, she like my secret protection, she is always there with a kind word and loving effective support. Jennifer M.


I highly recommend Nancy Crites; she is professional, knowledgeable and thorough, and she explains in detail the how and why of the protocol she recommends and the results are amazing. —Susan P.


When I came to work with Nancy I was suffering from stress to the level that my hair was falling out in large patches. Nancy was so calming from the moment I walked into her office.  She led me through how to meditate, which I could never master on my own. Nancy also helped me create a  food plan and supplement protocol with the Usana vitamins.  ~ Becky L.

I can say that after 4 months with Nancy I learned to a new way to handle my struggles with stress. Even by the third session, my hair was growing back! I think my body’s feedback was as positive as my mind’s. I am a happier person now, my inflammation is way down, and I am able to maintain peace through life’s storms. The Usana vitamins and Nancy’s loving guidance changed my life.  Thank you, Nancy! —Nichole


It has been a blessing to work with Nancy.  ~ Mary


What a difference to my overall wellbeing, physical, emotional and spiritual…when I practice qigong even once a week!! The group makes it so much more potent!! I loved the Fall session!! I have felt the difference over the 4-5 yrs now of doing classes w/ Nancy! and when I miss a session, my body feels achier!! It’s been consistently guiding me to continue the practice!! I still wonder…”How can such simple movements be so powerful!! ” Thank YOU Nancy for offering such a healing and heart warming practice! ~Marie


Thank you Nancy! I feel better than I have since I was in my 20’s! The simple tools and changes I have made are transformational.  I love the tapping, meditation, and qigong–I also love the positive changes I have made in my lifestyle and the way I see my life. Our regular meetings were effective in keeping things moving forward.  ~Cheryl


Wonderful, nourishing and empowering! I recommend the Soul Nourishment Program with all my heart.  Nancy’s caring supportive and loving approach is just what I needed!  ~Sharon


I love the mix of intuition, experience, and knowledge she shares with me as I heal. I feel like a new person since working with Nancy! Thank you!  ~Ingrid


Following my accident I came to Nancy’s qigong classes seeking relief for a concussion and other body aches and imbalances. I found relief and healing with qigong. Nancy is a highly skilled and grounded teacher of qigong, thank you!  ~Suzanne P.


Thank you, Nancy !  I have been very sick and suffered debilitating symptoms for many years. After 2 weeks of taking the Usana CellSentialsProflavonal C, and Biomega.  My bowels are functioning regularly, my immune system is stronger then ever- if I feel an earache, headache, or sinus infection coming they do not manifest, they disappear! My chronic pain has lessened and I feel very happy and encouraged!   ~Joan S.


I had only been working with Nancy in her healing Soul Nourishment VIP program for 3 weeks when I noticed an amazing difference. My sleep has returned and my anxiety attacks are gone.  Stress is under control thanks to the techniques and healing sessions Nancy shared with me! I feel more energetic, more alive and happy than I have in years! My schedule is balanced and I have time for me! I never imagined my life could feel this way… Thanks so much Nancy.  ~Yvonne


When I first starting working with Nancy, I never believed that I could be this happy. I cannot believe how wonderful my life is and how much better I feel about myself. Nancy’s loving compassionate approach helped me feel safe, confident and that I was worthy of a better life and capable of having it. This is more than I ever dreamed of! Thank you so much, Nancy.   ~Leah M


Nancy’s Soul Nourishment VIP Program is so all encompassing, so holistic, everything works in synchronicity. Thanks Nancy for guiding my journey so intuitively and gently through my healing and renewal.  I am so grateful.  ~Sherry


Wonderful, nourishing and empowering! I recommend the Soul Nourishment VIP Program with all my heart.  I have energy and my digestive issues have resolved along with my chronic pain, the qigong, Usana supplements and Nancy’s caring supportive and loving approach is just what I needed! ~ Sharon


Praise for the 28 Day Anti Inflammatory Challenge

The 28 Day Anti Inflammatory Program ended up not being a challenge at all.

In fact, it was a life changer in every way. Although it seemed daunting at first, after a few days I had a spark back that had long been quenched by lack of sleep, energy and way to many carbs and sugars, even gluten was gone. I was amazed, then relieved, at not only ridding cravings but that my sleep was better and my clothes fit much better too. After the challenge was over, my digestion has improve and I have actually lost inches and inches and inches off my stomach.  ~Rebecca C.

I highly recommend The 28 Day Anti InflammatoryProgram!  I really appreciated this in-depth and personal experience.  I found the coaching with Nancy to be very valuable. The accountability factor was important, as was the compassion and love of the coach, Nancy. The experience was authentic and the Nancy was knowledgeable and experienced. The most valuable piece was the attention to self love/care, as well as the breathing exercises and the guided meditation experience.  ~Marion

The benefits I have experienced with the 28 Day Anti Inflammatory Program are:

  • no migraines
  • better sleep, I actually need less sleep to feel rested,
  • more energy with a noticeable change in mood for the better, and
  • consistent weight loss.

I just feel great!  I have lost 32.2 lbs  of my goal of 47 lbs total since January. The program really is easy  to follow and I find it sets me up with good habits.  The Usana products themselves are very high quality,  anyone who has tried other meal replacement programs or supplements will notice a difference right away. ~Leslie

Nancy my coach is AMAZING!  She is always very encouraging, even when I slip up (like eat pizza) LOL!   Her daily tips and the lifestyle log have made this program really work for me.  I always know that if I have a question I can flip her an email.  I don’t think this program would have been as effective for me without my coach.  She is like my secret weapon!
I would recommend this program to anyone who has a real interest in good health, feeling better, looking better and making themselves a priority.   I have received alot of questions from my friends,  “What are you doing to lose the weight?” or “Can I have your eating plan?”.  Our health should never be taken for granted! ~Jennifer M

During the 28 Day Anti Inflammatory Program, I noticed many wonderful things: my skin started to look so much more radiant, I wasn’t ‘crashing’ in the mid-afternoon as I used to. One of the biggest changes for me was my sleep! I’ve always had trouble sleeping and in my second week of this lifestyle change, I found that I was able to fall asleep quickly and not wake so much during the night. It was wonderful! Another huge bonus was that I started to lose weight: my clothes were fitting differently! This lifestyle change has helped me physically, mentally and emotionally. I truly recommend taking this Radiant Health Program, it really works! ~ Heather L.

Since starting the 28 Day Anti Inflammatory Program, I have experienced so many positive changes. I have lost 12 lbs in total and have considerably less “belly bloat”, my pants are looser and I have gone down a clothing size. Although weight loss was my primary motivation for enrolling in the challenge I have had many other unexpected benefits as well, including:

  • increased energy
  • clearer skin
  • shinier, softer hair
  • better sleep
  • no more belly bloat
  • weight loss

I enjoy the convenience of the Nutrimeal shakes and bars which are great for a quick meal or snack and are easy to take to work or on the road. I would highly recommend the Usana RESET challenge to anyone who is interested in improving their health and having a better quality of life. ~ Kathy K.


When I began the 28 Day Radiant Health Program, I knew the Usana products were great. I had used them as my prenatal vitamins for both babies and also while nursing them. I have always attributed my kids’ healthy bodies, happy dispositions, and perfect weights, along with my “butter” milk to the great Usana vitamins in my system.

Now though, I can say that the Usana products have done something just for me. By releasing my sugar and carb cravings I have done something more than just lose belly fat, I’ve gotten my spark back.  Janet T.

I am only in the third week of the 28 Day Radiant Health Program,and already I feel amazing!  I am sleeping better, my headaches are gone, I have way more energy. My friends tell me I look great and ask if I ‘ve been losing weight.  They are asking what I have been doing!   I love the yummy smoothies and I never feel deprived, it is a great lifestyle.  The weekly coaching sessions are educational and supportive, thanks, Nancy!  ~ Jenna T.


This 28 Day Radiant Health Program, is a healthy lifestyle change and it has helped me physically, mentally and emotionally. The coaching with Nancy, the daily tips all made the difference, I feel educated and empowered. I truly recommend this program to ‘reset’ your life!  ~Alice M.

The 28 Day Radiant Health Program gave me back my energy that had long been quenched by babies, no sleep or exercise and too many carbs and sugars. I was amazed, then relieved, at not only ridding cravings but that my sleep was back, and my clothes fit much better too. After the challenge was over, I have actually lost inches and inches and inches off my stomach.  ~Alexis W.

Praise For Rainforest Qigong

As a newcomer to the group, I felt immediately welcomed by Nancy and her smiles, as well as the open friendliness of the other people in the group. It was my first time at a Qi Gong class and I was pleasantly surprised with how naturally it flowed – Nancy’s instructions were soft and understanding and the way she described the practice fit right into my own understanding of things. I felt so expanded, healed and on a higher wavelength afterward. I carried around that little power pill all day, and feel more energized for doing so!  Thank you, Nancy, for a wonderful experience today 🙂  ~ Jim

“When I began my qigong classes with Nancy she helped me discover that there is joy all around me and it comes in smaller packages than I had thought before. Now as I have developed mindfulness, I find it’s the simple things, like a sunset, a cup of tea, a flower or a snowflake, a walk, that lift my spirits and make me smile. I realize I had been looking for happiness by buying more and more things. Now I realize that it doesn’t take much to be happy and joy comes in the simple things, in unexpected moments, & often for free! Thank you, Nancy,  for helping me appreciate the joy in the small things!” ~ Wendy M.


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