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The bugs in your gut are your friends.

Focussing on building and maintaining optimal health of your microbiome is the key to whole health and happiness.

In this post we will look at ways to support the health of your microbiome. Emotions, attitudes and beliefs, foods, probiotics, anti-oxidants, optimal nutrition, proper foods all will be examined during the month of May.

The bugs in your gut are your friends.

Your digestive tract is home for trillions of minuscule bugs known as the microbiome. The microbiome is a unique and important community of microorganisms in and on the body. This community includes bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and more, they make up a friendly community that works together to keep your whole being, body, and mind, balanced, healthy and happy.

The microbiome is the control center for your body, determining your overall health and body functions.


A happy gut is a happy life!

The Microbiome: Your Body’s Bacteria And Other Friendly Bugs

A healthy gut microbiome, often referred to as ‘the gut’, consists of Your Body’s Bacteria And Other Friendly Bugs that reside in and on your body, and your digestive tract and The way this works is the microbiome is in constant communication with the brain which communicates with the organs and systems, doing its best to keep them regulated, balanced and functioning at optimal levels. Some of these functions include digestion, respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure, immune responses, inflammation, internal, reflexes such as sneezing, coughing and swallowing.

Let’s begin by digesting the digestive system.

As your food is digested in the digestive tract, the gut has direct and immediate knowledge of the food consumed, the nutritional value, energy content, irritants, and the toxins contained in the food. And it is in the gut that the microbiome is nourished, or damaged, depending on what you are eating, thinking, feeling or doing.

Remember your gut is more than the digestive system,

The gut and the brain have a complex communication system regarding the state of the entire body. Cues, or symptoms like hunger, feeling full, having indigestion, or the pancreas needs to address blood sugar levels, or the liver needs to get to work filtering the toxins, there is constant communication as the microbiome attempts to maintain balance or homeostasis for the body as a whole. The symptoms are a reflection of what is happening in the microbiome. In essence, this is why holistic health is the secret to a truly healthy body and mind.


This communication between the gut and the brain is important to your overall body functions, for example:

  • telling your stomach it is full and should stop eating.
  • you’re hungry which can affect your mood or energy levels, it’s time to eat.
  • you’re feeling irritable, your liver needs to filter toxins.
  • your energy levels are dropping, you need to eat or rest.
  • you’re cold, send blood to warm the organs.
  • you have chronic pain, it’s time to calm the system down with mindfulness, positive emotions, rest and other things.
  • a virus is out of control, the immune system needs to step up.

In light of the fact your gut is so important to your overall health and well-being it is key to SUPPORT YOUR GUT HEALTH with a good quality probiotic, (yogurt doesn’t cut it!), digestive enzymes, mindful eating and eating good quality, live, natural foods whenever possible.

**This also is important for reducing inflammation and chronic pain and related symptoms and conditions.

In essence, a healthy gut supports a healthy body and life, so it is very very important to support the health of the gut.


MeditationTo learn more about the importance of probiotics in maintaining a healthy microbiome I write A Gutsy Review of USANA Probiotics, Click here to read it.

To celebrate Gut Health, there will be a series, each week we will be focussing on an important aspect of creating and maintaining a healthy gut and microbiome. In the next post, we’ll look at eating to support a healthy gut.

Nancy Crites

Nancy Crites

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