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A Review, Usana CellSentials are they Worth the Money?

8 out of 10 people take supplements and it’s not always easy to eat right.

Statistics continue to show that most people do need to supplement. It is challenging to design a nutritionally perfect diet and most people fall short and are nutritionally deficient. You may ask yourself, the Usana CellSentials are they Worth the Money?

I will outline why this is the perfect time to invest in your health, and why the Usana CellSentials is the perfect place to start.

The multi-vitamin industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and most of the money goes right down the toilet rather than into your cells.

So, the USANA CellSentials are they worth the money?CellSentials_ingredients-835x470.png (835×470)

This well-designed multivitamin and mineral supplement provides you with the right amounts and the right balance of nutrients.

And those nutrients are delivered in forms that can be used by the body. This is where Usana stands out in the marketplace.


Most vitamins are manufactured to meet the daily minimum required to prevent rickets and scurvy.

In other words, they are only food-grade, the nutritional value of most vitamins isn’t at levels research shows can help make a difference in your long-term health.

The Cellsentials are researched and developed to scrupulous pharmaceutical grade standards, in the Usana facility to meet the scrutiny of pharmaceutical-grade standards and testing.

The founder of USANA Health Sciences is Dr. Myron Wentz. He is an award-winning microbiologist, immunologist and he has studied cells for 60 years. Dr. Wentz was awarded the Albert Einstein Award for his contribution to Health Sciences.

Dr. Wentz’s vision

“I dream of a world free from the pain and suffering of degenerative disease…Love life and live it to its fullest in happiness and health.”

USANA offers exceptional research and development and tests all the raw materials used in the vitamins and as well, they test the finish products before they are put on the market. Science is at the heart of the CellSentials.

Here is a link to their research and development information.

Overall Rank: 100 out of 100

The Cellsentials are designed to Nourish Protect and Renew the cells and they have been rated Number One in the world by Nutrisearch.


A full range of vitamins is essential to your whole-body well-being. Vita-Antioxidant supplies carefully balanced levels of high-quality vitamins and antioxidants, plus the InCelligence Complex. Some scientific evidence suggests that consumption of antioxidant vitamins may reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer.


A premium blend of highly absorbable minerals and trace minerals, plus a valuable amino acid and vitamin C. Minerals are essential elements for health and well-being. Your body couldn’t function without them. They play a role in all physiological processes and help balance and regulate your body chemistry.

Minerals are essential elements for health and well-being. Your body couldn’t function without them. They play a role in all physiological processes and help balance and regulate your body chemistry.

Usana has added the Incelligence technology to their products to ensure the nutrition reaches the cell and nourishes, protects and renews it.

The Usana CellSentials are not available in stores they must be purchased from a Usana Distributor to assure the authenticity of the product. As a rule, they are ordered online and shipping takes 3-5 business days.

The CellSentials are formulated for everyone from 10 to 110 years of age. They come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The CellSentials are sold in 24 countries, the Canadian Retail Price is 72.55 and the Preferred Customers save 10 %, the Preferred Customer price is only 65.95$



My Final Opinion of the Usana CellSentials

I have been researching multi-vitamins for years and am very careful about what supplements I take. As a holistic nutritionist and USANA supplementation expert, I trust my health and that of my family and clients to the USANA CellSentials. The CellSentials are the only multi-vitamin I recommend.

So if you are wondering, USANA CellSentials are they worth the money?

The proof is in the over 650 awards Usana has won and the fact that they put heart and soul, as well as research and development into producing the best multivitamin-mineral supplement on the market. Yes, they are worth the money!


Usana Health Sciences

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