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USANA EstroPro vs Your Super Moon Balance Mix for Hormone Support

Looking for a Supplement That Supports Your Hormone Health? Let’s Look at the USANA EstroPro vs Your Super Moon Balance Mix and See Which One is Better for You! To say that symptoms of PMS and menopause can interrupt your life is an understatement. In my practice as a holistic nutritionist, I hear about the challenges of menopause and PMS. 

A heatwave followed by a chill is inconvenient and appears out of nowhere when you least expect it. A full 8 hours of sleep is a thing of the past, and mood and energy swings can be daily occurrences making living a balanced life difficult if not impossible.

You want to take control of your hormonal balance symptoms and you want the best botanical remedy!

I looked at 2 menopausal products that use botanicals, Moon Balance Mix and EstroPro. Both claim to improve hormone health naturally and to reduce mood swings, PMS and menopausal symptoms. 

  1. EstroProEstroPro is made by USANA Health Sciences. A company that creates high-quality nutritional products built on one simple idea: if you feed the cells in your body exactly what they need, your health will benefit. This concept fuels our endless drive to innovate and advance the science of nutrition—putting a healthy, happy life within reach for all.

EstroPro by USANA Health Sciences,  has been developed by a scientific research team and it contains naturally-derived, estrogen-like compounds—isoflavones from soy and red clover, plus licorice and flaxseed—which provide relief for many common symptoms of menopause (hot flashes and night sweats, difficulty sleeping and fatigue, mood swings, appearance of ageing), It also has these added benefits:

  • Provides relief for many common symptoms of menopause (hot flashes and night sweats, difficulty sleeping and fatigue, mood swings, appearance of ageing)
  • Supports bone and heart health after menopause*
  • Provides gentle estrogenic effects to support balanced hormone function

The ingredients are specific and clear as is the suggested dosage: “Two tablets of EstroPro per day provide 48 milligrams (mg) of soy and red clover isoflavones, 105 mg of flaxseed, and 60 mg of licorice, daily. These naturally-derived ingredients are gentle and effective because they function as mild phytoestrogens, which are estrogen-like compounds found in plants. With regular use, EstroPro can help improve your quality of life during the transition to menopause and the years following.

As USANA Health Sciences says on its website: Changes associated with the transition to menopause (perimenopause) can begin as early as your thirties but are more common in your forties. But the end of fertility that comes with menopause doesn’t mean the end of a vibrant, active lifestyle. You have a lot going on. And these years are yours to enjoy. USANA EstroPro can help you find freedom from common menopause complaints, so nothing will get in the way of feeling your best every day.


2. Moon Balance Mix,  by Your Super, a superfood company that creates superfood and plant protein mixes. Your Super created superfood and plant protein mixes – so you can improve your health and feel your best every day!  xo Kristel & Michael

Moon Balance Mix contains superfoods some of which are as “practical as it is pretty” such as maca, beetroot and hibiscus which work to support liver health and offer some elements hormonal although a healthy liver is important for optimal bodily functions including hormones. 

Ingredients and Dosage are vague and leave it open for a wide range of results: Add one teaspoon of Moon Balance to water, smoothies, breakfast or snacks. For best results, use daily. The total weight of the mix is 200 gms but no specifics are given for the amount of the individual superfoods in the mix.

My choice is USANA EstroPro for many reasons, number one being USANA’s dedication to producing the very best products using science-based research, and their focus on producing cellular health products. and the postive results I have seen in my menopausal clients.

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Nancy Crites

Nancy Crites

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