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I was seeking better health and I found USANA.

Usana is Greek for ‘True Health’.

For 20 years I have studied natural health and nutrition, helped thousands of women and it is clear that the Usana Health Sciences products are simply the best. They support optimal health on the cellular level and they have products for all ages and stages in life.

Usana’s top-ranking multi-vitamin, the CellSentials is the foundation of my daily optimal nutrition and is what I recommend for everyone. I won’t go a day without them.

I trust my health and that of my loved ones and my clients to USANA Health Sciences because it is a science-based company, formulated by an award-winning scientist, and they keep me healthy.

After wasting thousands of dollars on supplements that didn’t deliver, I discovered USANA, and it changed my life.

An intentional plan that is simple and sustainable is the best and the safest approach to supplementation.  A personalized protocol is what you need to be sure you are getting what you need and only what you need. Less IS more.


The USANA products work on a deep cellular level to nourish, protect and renew your body; providing you with a high level of anti-oxidants, protecting you against the constant barrage of free radical damage we experience in our modern world.

You can rely on the purity, potency and good manufacturing practices of this science-based, award-winning company.

These high-quality FDA approved supplements will provide you with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, which work synergistically to help your cells reach their optimal levels of nutrition. Learn more here:

It’s about your cellular health. Your thoughts, your actions, and your nutrition all impact your cells.  Meditation, getting out in nature, and great nutrition are all important in creating optimum health and well-being on a cellular level, for you and your loved ones.

As a certified holistic nutritionist, I have seen firsthand the amazing difference the USANA products make to
build and support and maintain a healthy body and happy life.

Optimal nutrition plays a critical role in everyone’s health and is important for every stage of life.

What are you waiting for? Get started creating your optimal health today!

Nancy Crites: supplementation for inflammation
Create a simple, sustainable plan for your health and lifestyle goals.