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Welcome to Day 3: Identifying your goals

Hygge is about mindfulness, comfort, ease, and happiness in body, mind, and spirit.

When you are out of balance, blockages occur. These blockages can manifest as symptoms such as chronic pain, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, poor immunity and more.

Today we will focus on getting clear on just what it is you are seeking, identifying your goals and you’ll be setting some intetnions for your healing and well-being. 

What information did you gain from yesterday’s Body Scan Meditation? If you missed it listen to it now: Body Scan Meditation

Using the information from the meditation, reflect on what you learned, felt or experienced. Sit with this for a while and think about any other concerns you may have.

diet journal
Write down any symptoms you may have such as worry, anxiety, depression, skin disorders, physical pain, or whatever it may be.

Now think of a time or a situation where your symptoms were exacerbated, became much worse, appeared or disappeared.

Triggers are all around us, people, work, social events, they can be found anywhere. The first step is identifying your triggers, writing them down, and then clarifying how you want to feel or react in those situations.

Today’s Action Step

Focus on an area of concern that you would like to transform. Close your eyes and take 3 breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Relax and focus on one thing you want to transform or release. Sit for 5 minutes or more breathing into this. Do this for the main concerns you have. 

Now write out some goals for the next 7 days to help you target the main areas of concern to transform your imbalance or pain.

Identifying your goals is the groundwork for tomorrow’s lesson where you will take this to the next level and make your goals and dreams tangible.

Want to go deeper or need personal support, simply hit Reply and I will get back to you.

Let’s take the confusion out of health and healing and add simplicity, peace, and perspective with Hygge. The philosophy of Hygge is intriguing, and what’s really exciting is that there are amazing health benefits to living a Hygge-focused lifestyle.

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Until tomorrow,

Health and Wellbeing
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