Hygge for Health

The simple art of creating happiness and health for women over fifty.

Let me tell you, I’ve been there. A few years ago I was seeing too many of health care practitioners had a cupboard full of remedies and supplements.  I was googling all of my symptoms and yet nothing was working, until I learned that the best approach to health and wellness is simple and that less really is more.

Imagine waking up energized, happy, painfree and looking forward to your day. You slept soundly all night long and hot flash free!  Your headache is gone and you are looking forward to getting outside for a walk. You enjoy a simple breakfast, pop 3 supplements in your mouth, listen to the short guided meditation and head out into the fresh air. You are feeling good, smiling and loving life!

You have been searching for an answer, for the golden egg that will offer you the relief you’ve been seeking, and you have found it!

Hygge For Health is the simple act of living wholeheartedly, with mindfulness guiding and creating the energy of happiness, vitality and healing.  It’s an effective, intentional and minimal approach to health and wellness.

You may feel lost, overwhelmed, and searching. It can be simple. Have a look at the video below.

Welcome!  I’m Nancy Crites certified holistic nutritionist, meditation and qigong practitioner. After helping hundreds of people over the past 16 years, I can assure you that it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can create health and wellness as you nourish mind, body & spirit. I will show you how.

I have helped hundreds of women build optimal health, eliminate chronic pain and inflammation, breeze through menopause, get rid of migraines, depression and even more.  You can live a life with purpose and joy.

Presently, you may be in pain, depressed, inflamed, experiencing hormonal shifts, migraines, osteoporosis, auto immune conditions, or dealing with other health concerns.


Nancy is my angel. My life transformed with Nancy.  I had lived with
crippling pain and candida for so many years, however, I was able to achieve all of my goals, thanks to working with Nancy!  Now my life is a joy. 
— Rita



I know exactly what it feels like to be lost, when no one really gets you, no one understands what you really need, nothing seems to work, and you’ve hit rock bottom.

After experiencing years of chronic pain and searching for an answer, I was taking way too many supplements, which were pushing my body way to hard.  Read this to learn more about where I ‘ve been and why I get it.

This pushed me into a near death medical emergency, I suffered three strokes. I was blessed to be left unhurt physically, but emotionally I had imploded.

Choosing to retreat, I spent the next two years in meditation, practicing qigong and taking a few basic supplements.

I discovered the safest and very best approach for healing and balancing the body, mind and spirit.

I know that less is more and a simple personalized plan is the safest and best route to take.

If you have ever felt scared, lost and overwhelmed in your search for health and happiness, then you are in the right place. You can have a strategy and solutions that really work and are simple. I searched everywhere and spent thousands of dollars before I discovered the powerful combination of USANA Health Sciences, and  Spring Forest Qigong.  

There is a synergy between these two and together they have the power to balance, heal and help you create create happiness, freedom and joy in your life!

Nancy is caring, knowledgeable and intuitive finding the root of your issues very quickly. I was tired and stressed. Nancy accurately diagnosed my digestive issues and allergies. The USANA nutritional supplement protocol she recommended for my unique concerns is amazing and has given me a definite boost in energy and overall health.   I’m truly grateful for Nancy’s caring nature and insight. I feel better than I have in years.— Lorraine


For 16 years I’ve used my education, experience and intuition to help people create radiant health, joy and purpose in their lives.


Nancy saved me from myself. I was spinning my tires, feeling lost and overwhelmed searching for a solution. I was wasting time and money buying random products, trying all kinds of therapies and solutions. Now I have clear goals, a simple plan and a few hand picked supplements that deliver. Thank you Nancy!    ~ Theresa Miller


So many people are searching, chasing the latest health trends, wasting thousands of dollars on diets, programs, and products that they don’t even need, and that can in fact, be dangerous to their health. They are worried, fearful and lost in the search for relief, and answers to their health concerns.

Does this sound familiar?

Take a Deep Breath and Relax.

A simple, affordable, personalized plan is what you need, I can help you.

You can get started here.

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Nancy is AMAZING, she like my secret protection, she is always there with a kind word and loving effective support. Jennifer M.