Creating Radiant Health and Joy For Life

Are you feeling lost in the search for radiant health and joy?

Nancy Crites: supplementation for inflammation

All the advice in the world won’t prepare you for the helpless confusion you may feel as you try to understand how to best heal and create radiant health in your body heart and mind.

Are you even overwhelmed with choosing the best supplements for you and
your loved ones? One thing my clients and students ask me all the time is what supplements they should be taking. I can help you with that and it’s easy.

 No more guessing! Radiant health and joy can be yours!

 My prescription for radiant health and joy includes these three factors:

  1. Body ~ high quality supplementation, fresh air, exercise, water and live fresh food.
  2. Mind ~ a lifestyle and belief system that facilitates joy.
  3. Spirit ~ meditation, qigong and mindfulness.

A couple of things my clients and students ask me all the time is, what one thing can they do to make a big difference in their health, and what supplements they should be taking? The answer to both questions is answered here.

Take the first step towards creating radiant health and joy here:

 I am here to help and support you.  Head over to my Radiant Resources page to get started.

As you search for help you may be dealing with chronic pain, allergies, digestive issues, depression, disillusion, fear, and just plain frustration. This can make it even more difficult to understand why you’re suffering, what you need, and where to find it.

Hi and welcome! I’m Nancy Crites. I’m a certified holistic nutritionist, supplementation specialist, homeopath and bioenergetic therapist. I teach and mentor qigong, meditation and mindfulness.

For 15 years I’ve used my education, experience and intuition to create individualized healing programs that create radiant health and joy and purpose.

I came from a deep hole of chronic pain and have discovered the secrets to true health and freedom and joyful purpose driven life. 

Radiant health, and joy can be yours at any time.  It is not determined by your age.

I have a program that really works and it is simple. I can help you.

Nancy Crites: supplementation for inflammation

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.Nancy is my angel. My life transformed with Nancy.  I had lived with crippling pain for so many years, however, I was able to achieve all of my goals, thanks to working with Nancy!  Now my life is a joy. — Rita


Nancy is caring, knowledgeable and intuitive finding the root of your issues very quickly. I was tired and stressed. Nancy accurately diagnosed my digestive issues and allergies. The USANA nutritional supplement protocol she recommended for my unique concerns were amazing and have given me a definite boost in energy and health.   I’m truly grateful for Nancy’s caring nature and insight. I feel better than I have in years.— Lorraine


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Radiant Health and Joy