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About Nancy

For nearly 20 years it has been my privilege
to help thousands of women

I help women, who are suffering from pain create joy, meaning, and vibrant health so they can enjoy life.

I have taught women how to fall in love with life again as they release the old patterns that no longer serve them, learn how to create passion and purpose, even when they never imagined it would be possible.

Nancy Crites

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Honouring Your Desire for Purpose, Passion, and Vibrant Health

For women suffering from pain who want to live their very best life.

And You Know That  Now is the Time.

Time slips away.

I’m Nancy Crites and I want you to know that I get it.

My symptoms of exhaustion, depression, and chronic pain were telling me it was time to make changes, but I didn’t listen, it never occurred to me that I was in trouble. For years I continued to rely on prescription medications to manage my pain, migraines, allergies and irritable bowel syndrome.

 I kept pushing myself to do more, there was no joy in my life, I had lost my passion and my purpose.

I reached the breaking point when I spent the night on the bathroom floor toxic from too many medications.

My body knew what it had to do to get my attention, and I began to pay attention to my symptoms and looked closely at my life and created mindful, positive change.

You don’t need to reach that point.

This is your chance to change your precious life and live your passion, to create meaning, joy and vibrant health.

As we age, our bodies are more vulnerable, and we create symptoms, which we ignore or accept but if you’re embracing life and living your passion, creating happy pain-free life is part of that.

Nancy’s loving compassionate approach helped me feel safe, confident and that I was worthy of a better life and capable of having it. This is more than I ever dreamed of!  Thank you so much, Nancy. ~ Gail L.

Nancy Crites

Hello! I’m Nancy Crites, it has been my honour to support thousands of women for 20 years, I was once dancing as fast as I could, my life was just a blur of pain, activity and obligations, with no time for connection or joy in my life.

I was lost, on the wrong track, and it took a traumatic life event to get my attention.  I felt my life would never be the same again—well it isn’t—it’s SO much better, I have transformed the way I live.

I have researched and designed a gentle, highly effective approach to health and well-being.

I have manifested a new way of living and being which brings meaning,  joy and deep gratitude to my life every day.  I have used this formula to create my Soul Nourishment Programs.

I have studied with leaders and masters in the realms of natural health and spiritual evolution and I have worked with thousands of women offering them the gift of health, meaning and balance in body, mind and spirit.

If this resonates for you start with my 7 Day Sugar-Free Meal Plan, and if you’re not sure if this is for you, check out who this is for.

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What Clients are Saying:

Nancy, how many ways can I say thank you? I have been looking everywhere for you! My life has transformed!  Your intuitive approach and powerful teaching changed my life. I am feeling SO much happier and fulfilled.

~ Melanie

Nancy is my angel. She transformed my life. I had lived with crippling pain and candida for so many years, and I had a list of life goals. I was able to achieve all of my goals, thanks to working with Nancy! Now my life is a joy.

~ Rita

Nancy is caring, knowledgeable and intuitive finding the root of your issues very quickly. I was tired and stressed and off track.  I feel happier and healthier than I have in years.


Nancy saved me from myself.  I was spinning my tires, feeling lost and overwhelmed searching for a a purpose. I was exhausted and wasting time and money buying random products, trying all kinds of therapies and solutions. Now I have clear goals, a simple plan and a few hand-picked supplements that deliver. Thank you Nancy!   Theresa Miller

Nancy is AMAZING, she like my secret protection, she is always there with wisdom, a kind word and loving effective support. ~Jennifer M.

My life has completely transformed, the candida, headaches and rashes are GONE! I live a life that is pain free! How can I thank you?

~Sharon W.

Holistic nutrition, with a personalized plan that considers mindfulness, meditation, qigong, personalized nutrition, and energy work.
Having worked with hundreds of people, helping them get exactly what they need, the simple and clear answers are here.

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