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Honoured to be creating a global team with USANA this page will serve as a portal to information, inspiration and influences regarding your journey with USANA.

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Whether you’re curious about using vitamins to support your health, or you’re considering creating income supporting others in learning the impact of nutritional supplementation, this short talk details why I’ve chosen to partner with USANA, both for my wellness and my business. Supporting thousands of families as they free themselves from debt, and find their purpose in sharing a proactive approach to health is my work now.

Nancy Crites

If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of USANA in your home or wellness office, or consider a business as part of our growing team, fill out the form below. This work has led my team to generate hundreds of stellar wellness initiatives, an enriching community of leaders, and true business empowerment. In our home, the USANA products provide us with safe nutritional supplements we can trust as an essential foundation of optimal nourishment; they’ve been part of our home and family for years.

Two choices. You may use this link to purchase your USANA products as a Wholesale Customer, receiving wholesale pricing and the option to build a business in the future if you wish. You may also consider building a business with USANA, by becoming a USANA Associate.

It took me about 1 year to wrap my mind around building a team – now I’m glad to spend about fifteen hours per week dedicated to my growing business. I’ve recreated my relationship to money, to efficiency and to the idea of running my own company; the result is true business empowerment and a chance to be more charitable for the causes that matter to me.

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Dedicated to creating optimal health and well-being, USANA offers the very best nutritional supplements for you and your family.

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As a holistic nutritionist, working with hundreds of women over the past 20 years, I have found the True Health holistic approach and philosophy are remarkably effective and life changing.

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