Prairie Tales

The stories behind the rugs

All work is original designs, my own and some in collaboration with my husband and creative partner Richard Gorenko.

Lake Life

This rug is based on countless memories of summers at the lake. With each loop I hooked, I was taken back to the smells, colours, textures, and seemingly endless sunny days.

The boat ride was the highlight of the day, it was an opportunity for adventure, connection, time alone with grandparents, fishing, waterskiing, discovering new areas, a trip to the store, letting your hand flow through the water, sunburns, lost hats, fresh perspectives, blue skies, lovely air, wet dog, and well, solitude. As I said, countless memories. What are your memories of life at the lake? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

This rug is an original design created in collaboration with Richard Gorenko, 2021, 34 x 28 in., wool, silk and mohair hooked on rustic linen.

Rose in Spring

Rose in Spring, 2022, 21″ x 21″, silk, wool, mohair, hooked on rustic linen.

Spring energy is rising and bringing the long-awaited renewal of life and warmer weather.

Climate change is a concern and to see newly sprouting seeds and the healthy return of buds opening to reveal green leaves and blossoms is a sign of hope and anticipation of an abundant harvest come fall. And of course baby animals and birds are a joy..

Rose rabbit is an ambassador for a healthy planet and she is particularly happy to see the beginnings of new and returned life on the prairies.

This delightful rug is perfect for any wall and brings with it the bright, exciting energy of spring renewal.

Rose In Summer

Rose in Summer 2022, 21″ x 21″, wool, silk and mohair hooked on rustic linen.

The good old summer time the high, hot energy of summer brings with it sunny skies, holidays at the cottage, and plenty of time in the water.

A healthy lake with a clean water source stocked with fish is a blessing.

Rose rabbit is an ambassador for a healthy planet and she is particularly happy to see the clear blue water and is looking forward to diving in any minute now.

This rug is a beauty the glistening water takes you back to the glorious feeling of summer, and the seemingly endless days of warmth and sun.

Rose in Fall

Rose in Fall, 2022, 21″ x 21″ wool, silk, and mohair hooked on rustic linen.

In the fall the earth’s energy heads downward, into the earth. We begin to quiet down, leaves fall and energy returns to the ground, allowing for renewal and rest. The root vegetables thrive and an abundant crop yields food for the cold winter months ahead.

We humans, begin to move indoors and slow down preparing for winter, gathering our warmer clothes, and planning indoor activities, gathering our nuts so to speak.

This is the perfect rug for any room, the warm colours conjure the feeling and the scent of fall.

Rose in Winter

Rose in Winter, 2022, wool, silk, and mohair hooked on rustic linen.

Winter is the quietest season, we are cozy at home and when we go out we are bundled up. A beautiful prairie winter day offers a healthy snowfall creating a brilliant field of white with a stunning blue sky and sunshine.

The fresh crisp air is refreshing, supporting our energy reserves as we prepare to emerge in spring.

This luxurious rug is beautiful on a wall in any room and adds beauty and a story to ponder.

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