The Story Behind the Rug, Evening Sky

Evening Sky, 20 x 30 inches 100% wool hooked on rustic linen, 2021, Nancy Crites

The Story Behind the Rug, Evening Sky

Creating a design for a rug is really about the story the rug will tell. That is one of the unique features of rug hooking, every rug tells a story. My grandson who lives far away in Whitehorse, had his 3rd birthday coming up and I wanted to hook a special rug for him to keep at his bedside. I asked him what he wanted on his rug and he said, “A bear, but I’m afraid of bears so make it a friendly one.

My husband and I collaborate on the rug designs and after experimenting with bear images, I reminded him that he has an iconic bear image that would be perfect for Olivier’s rug. So he added his special touch and the bear has a couple of buddies with him, and the three of them are enjoying the evening sky together.

When Olivier received his rug I asked him how he liked it and he said, “Thanks for the blanket Gigi, I really like the bear.” That made me chuckle and it warms my heart that when he hops out of bed in the morning his day begins with his little toes on my rug. It brings us closer over all the miles between us.

I love the rug so much I’m making another one that will be similar but with its own unique qualities.

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