It’s Earth Day Everyday!

I designed and hooked this mat, Rock Solid, with cast-off fabrics in mind. ⁠
An old shirt, a scarf and a discarded dress, vintage button and mohair from an old mitten, all worked beautifully. ⁠
Moving forward I will be using mainly recycled materials in my rugs, they are beautiful and abundant.⁠

Our world is in trouble, please make mindful choices to support the environment and the health of our planet. ⁠

Every little bit counts, you can be part of the solution.

Journal Prompt: get out your journal and write a very long list of all the choices and changes you can make to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Buy less, avoid fast fashion, plant a garden, repurpose, and so much more, that’s why you’re making a long list. 😉

Show the planet some love today ~ and every day.⁠ 🌏

If you live near me, in Calgary, I would appreciate any and all clean, cast-off cotton, silk, rayon, or whatever, clothing, tablecloths, sheets, fabrics, etc. Thank you! ⁠

Share some of your environmentally friendly goals in the comments below.

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