Balancing the Energy of Spring

Balancing the Energy of Spring Isn’t it wonderful? As we move into the full vibration of spring, can you feel the shifts bubble up inside you? The cherry blossoms and daffodils are here, as is the beautiful light and healing energy of the new season. In spring we are shifting from the inner contemplative yin energy of winter to the more vibrant active yang energy of … Read More

The 20/80 Rules for Yule

12 Tips for Creating the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Healing made easy over the holidays.   Read the whole article and glean wisdom and grace as you enjoy every bit of the holiday season. #1 Smile #2 Make the call, Healing made easy over the holidays #3 Do these 3 things every day and be healthy and alkaline all season long #4 Soul Nourishing Anti-inflammatory … Read More

Blessings and Benevolence

You are so blessed to live in such a benevolent and generous universe.  The universe truly is conspiring on your behalf, open your heart, let it in, let it shine. Be generous and choose to smile and spread loving kindness everywhere you go.   Add your smile to the sea of blessings. This week I’d like to share this pertinent and beautiful message from Master Chunyi Lin. … Read More

Heart is Where the Home Is

Heart is Where the Home Is   All you need is love, and it begins at home, your home, your heart.   Valentine’s Day is the day of love.  It is the special day when you buy Valentine cards, flowers and chocolates for those you love. Will You be Your Valentine?  This Valentine’s Day give from the heart.   Give a whole lotta love to the … Read More

What Do You Bring to the Holiday Table?

Special Holiday Tips  Week 3   As you are immersed in the preparations for a wonderful holiday for everyone in your life, I want you to take a moment to think about who you are, on this planet, at this time, in this life of yours. What do you bring to table today?  How present are you?  When you dig deep into love and generosity … Read More